PoliticalGround Israel just did a very stupid thing.

11/1/19 10:44 AM
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A ton of people attacked me on this this thread because I usually support what Israel does.

I didn't support the new Israeli "State Laws". And I still don't. What was the point...and it had a whiff of apartheid to it. There are other policies of Israel I do not support.

People seem to think I blindly support everything Israel does and it's not true.

I'm not some right winger who hates the Pals. I don't support the settlements or Israeli encroachment of Palestinian land.

Most people have a mistaken opinion about my views on Israel.

11/1/19 10:51 AM
Posts: 16170
shen - 

Jews did  not kill Jesus, read some history you dopes. Jesus was ordered to be killed by Emperor Clintonius.

Always good to have Shen on any thread.

You either get high quality humor...or high quality posts if he's serious.