PoliticalGround Obama Admin Responsible For 2016 Russian Meddling!

6/1/19 10:54 AM
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LoveToChoke -

Is this the same Russian meddling that the Obama administration went to Mitch McConnell about and he refused to acknowledge it?


Is this the same meddling that is still ongoing and yet Mitch McConnell will not allow any legislation of funding to counter it? 



You are correct sir. Amazing isn't it.

10/18/19 4:13 PM
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I'm a life long lib, was Berniecrat and am pro Tulsi now.  Still, I find it unbelieveable that Obama was probably the most traitorous POTUS ever and Trump is the most pro the American people sine JFK, but the way the media framed it was the exact opposite.  Bush may have been a worse POTUS than Obama, but atleast you knew what you were getting, where as Obama ran on one thing and then totally sold out the American people, and did more to divide the country than any president since Lincoln.  There's a huge hoopla about orange man bad for his Ukraine comments but dittily about the fact Obama wire tapped Trump  And like with Lincoln, the sheep remember him as the opposite as he really was (i.e. racist and never wanted to end slavery in the first place, then wanted to ship the slaves back to Africa).

10/18/19 4:14 PM
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