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Roses are red

Trayvon Martin is dead

Barrels are empty

and so is your head!



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Alphabeta - I forgot who posted evidence regarding the trajectory of Zimmerman's gun shot (Scuffler?) but Zimmerman claimed this is how the scuffle occured (Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman):

In other testimony, Investigator Dale Gilbreath underwent examination by both attorneys on the evidence in the case, which seemed at times to resemble what the actual jury trial might be like. He agreed with O’Mara that Zimmerman’s injuries were consistent with trauma to the back of his head. But the claims that Trayvon attacked him, and provoked a self-defensive response, do not fall in line with prosecutors’ findings.

“He said his head was bashed and he managed to scoot away… and that’s when the shooting subsequently started,” Gilbreath said. “That is not consistent with the evidence we found.”


It's an article from last year.
"Article from last year."

Yet you had medical examiners for the prosecution on the stand in this trial, not a deposition, who quoted/referenced Dr. Di Maio's teachings in their testimony .

And what happened when Dr Di Maio got on the stand? He basically sat the prosecution down like children and said the trajectories matched. And when the prosecution then tried to plant the seed that he might not be objective because he was paid by the prosecution, he ended their case by saying "this is not a complicated case forensically." Phone Post

Dimaio is Di man.

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This thread is how I found out about the og