PoliticalGround RepubliCONS BIGGER snowflake/victim-complex!?!

8/14/19 11:53 AM
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NewGuy82 -

I agree. The most butthurt I've seen people is when  I disagree with something Ben Shapiro says on Facebook. As soon as I do I am a liberal snowflake. Then when I rail on The Young Turks i am a cuckservative. Both sides are full of crybaby victims.

People love being part of teams and lacking nuance.  This is exactly how people are so controllable, how the system never changes and why Clinton and Trump were both Epstein's buddies.  Unless we ditch the team think, we will keep on getting these bum politicians that are two sides of the same coin and bring prosperity only for the corporations and one percenters that bankroll them.

11/30/19 9:34 PM
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Both sides act like fucking babies. It's sad.