PoliticalGround Some dot b--ch probably got me fired tonight!

12/17/09 2:07 AM
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I work for a large, supermarket chain. Tonight, a middle-aged Indian woman came up to my register. The first thing she does: she looks at me, points and says: "You're not going to pick up my basket from the ground! You're no gentleman!" I tried to diffuse the anger and said: "Sorry, my back is hurting, with a pained expression on my face. She then lifts the basket up, and puts it on the counter. After this, I'm ringing up the products, and she then points at me and yells: "You're banging my products too hard, when you ring them up; Stop taking advantage of me!" I tell her: "Relax lady, nobody is taking advantage of you. I'm just trying to ring up your products. Following this, I'm bagging for the dot b--ch. She then says very quickly in this very thick, Indian accent: " Put my cookies in one bag, and the other things in the other one." I couldn't understand her, so I said "what?" She then points at me and says: "I think I said very clearly to put the cookies in one bag, and the other things in another." I said:" O.K, calm down lady, I didn't hear you the first time." After bagging, she says:"I'm dissatisfied with your customer service. I'm telling the manager." On her way out the door, I smiled to her and said:" Thanks for complaining about me." She smiled back at me with a devilish grin.
I've noticied that Indian customers never bag for themselves, no matter how large their order is. I guess they think since they have dots in the middle of their heads and worship a G-d with 8 arms, they think they are better than everybody else. They view themselves as superior to White Americans, and feel that they are supposed to be their servants. They view White Americans as a lower caste that is subservient to them.
Tomorrow, I find out if I get written up and fired, because of that dot b--ch!
6/5/10 10:40 PM
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I'm surprised she dind't try to dot the prices down on you
5/8/14 8:50 PM
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10/22/15 8:02 PM
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Some customers can be rude, but you can't let that get to you. Just be courteous and help as best you can. Your mistake was being defensive with her. That just makes the situation worse, especially if the customer can detect an attitude in your tone of voice. Hopefully, you don't lose your job, but next time don't give them as much ammunition to complain. Managers know that customers behave that way from time to time, so they'd have been more understanding if you just did your best and not engaged with her the way you did. Good luck, and try not to paint an entire group of people with one brush. :)
11/3/17 10:13 PM
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Great thread