PoliticalGround Trump is going down in flames.

11/10/16 9:24 AM
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Jack Carter - 


ok thats funny
11/10/16 10:02 AM
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Don't buy the medias bullshit low and you won't have too s(m)ell it high. Phone Post 3.0
11/10/16 10:03 AM
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MrFluffyHippo - Lol Phone Post 3.0
^TM Phone Post 3.0
11/10/16 10:21 AM
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WhereAreWe? Phone Post 3.0
11/10/16 12:35 PM
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Jack_Bauer - 
drywallerdave - Lol. Trump will still win Phone Post 3.0

Lets save this smug little response......
11/10/16 12:37 PM
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Ed Okin - 
Junnk - No way trump is going to win. Hillary has all the media, Hollywood and the sjws spreading misinformation. Trump is done Phone Post 3.0

Do you know what else is against him? The people of the United States of America. THAT is why he won't win. 

Okie Dokie
11/10/16 12:39 PM
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Ed Okin - 
Lofland - 

Buzzfeed says they've found several women who say Trump walked in on them at the Miss TEEN USA contest.  TEEN.  Minimum age either 14 or 15.  TEEN.  Jennifer Granholm of the Clinton camp just mentioned it.  I assume every journalist in the country is trying to get them to come on TV.  Would that not be the final straw?

The final straw was last Friday. The Trump campaign is, effectively, over. Has been for a week.

you are some kind of Nostradamus...... Eat a bullet yet?
11/10/16 12:40 PM
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thesleeper - 

Lol, Jack Carter you are one of the most delusional Trump shills on here, right up there with toelocku.


Everything you post after Nov 9th will get a reminder that you kept a liplock on Trumps dick to the very end.

hows the crow taste? LOL @ You....
11/10/16 12:42 PM
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the_sandman - I just can't get over these people that think Trump, the con-artist trust fund billionaire that has seen more lawsuits than all other candidates in history, is a champion for the little people out to fight corruption in DC.

What in this guys life or history makes you think he gives one shit about the little people? He is the personification of corruption, looking to manipulate stupidest people in America (as shown by the polls) into handing him power so that he can leverage it for personal gain. If that's not corruption, what is?

The chump doesn't even care enough to offer real policies, real platforms or study basic foreign policy for debates - he doesn't need to.

This is going to be a landslide Hillary win because thankfully a majority of voters do have 2 brain cells to rub together.

By majority do you mean the snowflakes currently rioting because they belong to the same delusional club you do?
11/10/16 12:45 PM
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ieswideopen - Trump's a tremendous, huge, incredible.............. loser. Phone Post 3.0

You spelled "President Trump" wrong.
11/10/16 12:46 PM
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mada - 
thesleeper -

The new sexual harassment revelations haven't been priced into the polls yet. Come Monday thru Wednesday, we are going to see women GOP voters turning their backs on Trump. Could be as high as five percent of Trumps current vote total.



Wouldn't matter if he lost all of his votes or picked up 3-4 percent, he'd lose either way. He's the only candidate she could beat and it's who the stupid fucks on the right pick lol. Wikileaks showed that the Clinton people were praying for Trump to get the nomination lol. After that cunt gives all the illegals amnesty the republicans will never win a national election again. They might as well break the party up and start over with a new name and brand. They could steal a lot of disgruntled democrats if they did it properly. Phone Post 3.0

I bet opening a cereal box confuses you. amirite?
11/10/16 12:46 PM
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E55 Pilot - 
Ed Okin - 
Lofland - 

Buzzfeed says they've found several women who say Trump walked in on them at the Miss TEEN USA contest.  TEEN.  Minimum age either 14 or 15.  TEEN.  Jennifer Granholm of the Clinton camp just mentioned it.  I assume every journalist in the country is trying to get them to come on TV.  Would that not be the final straw?

The final straw was last Friday. The Trump campaign is, effectively, over. Has been for a week.

you are some kind of Nostradamus...... Eat a bullet yet?


11/10/16 12:47 PM
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thesleeper - 

Six witnesses confirmed that Trump sexually assaulted that People reporter today.

What is your favorite coolaide flavor?
11/10/16 12:49 PM
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thesleeper - 

Well Trumps performance wasn't enough to save him. All hail president Clinton.

Your stupidity is outstanding.
11/10/16 12:50 PM
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Ed Okin - 
TSMontana - He lost this debate, but I'm not giving up until this election is decided. Who knows what will happen between now and election day.

Between now and election day he will fall further and further behind in the polls, say progressively more stupid shit and drag the rest of the Republican party down with him. Then he will get demolished on election night. The whole world knows this.

By "the whole world knows this" do you mean the kids in your special Ed class?
11/10/16 12:52 PM
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thesleeper - All told, Clinton leads Trump by 12 percentage points among likely voters, 50 to 38 percent, in the national survey, her highest support and his lowest to date in ABC News and ABC News/Washington Post polls. Gary Johnson has 5 percent support, Jill Stein 2 percent.

The results mark a dramatic shift from Clinton’s +4 points in the last ABC/Post poll Oct. 13.


I see what you did there..You listed every source that is wrong... You batted 1000 there didnt ya snowflake.
11/10/16 12:52 PM
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thesleeper -

He's losing by six on the rcp average. Paul Ryan and the GOPers up for reelection are headed for the lead insulation, and the Apprentice videos are a mere 5 million dollars away from showing up in public. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump is losing by double digits by the end of the week.



11/10/16 12:54 PM
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Ed Okin - 
Kenny Blankenship - 
RenatoCocopreta - Polls are worthless, in the only legit poll, the IBD/TIPP presidential tracking poll. Trump is up by 2 points.

You guys need to get up to speed, wikileaks exposed Hillary's poll tampering, straight from Podesta's mailbox. This email even includes a handy, 37-page guide with state by state poll-rigging recommendations.

From: tmatzzie@gmail.com <tmatzzie@gmail.com>
To: georgerakis@gmail.com <georgerakis@gmail.com>; Andy Meyer
Sent: Thu Jan 10 21:21:07 2008
Subject: Meet and polling design
Hey, when can we meet? I also want to get your Atlas folks to recommend oversamples for our polling before we start in February. By market, regions, etc. I want to get this all compiled into one set of recommendations so we can maximize what we get out of our media polling. -Tom



Slime balls. Fuck MSM. Words cannot describe how hard I will laugh if Trump pulls off this election. The amount of buthurt across the country might actually cause it to implode. Phone Post 3.0

You don't have to worry about laughing then. This election is getting worse and worse for Trump by the day. He's already DOA and he is dragging the entire Republican party down with him. Conservatives are reaping what they sewed in two weeks. And it will be ugly.

You never saw 2nd grade did you....c'mon admit it.
11/10/16 12:56 PM
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superCulo - 

That's another thing that surprises me about trump supporters. Trump's sole role in this election was never to win presidency, it's very clear that his single objective was to destroy the Republican Party from within. Yet people support a man who will leave their political party broken. Trump talks about Trojan horses when he himself is one. 

I bet you have some interesting theories on the moon landing...
11/10/16 12:56 PM
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Is OP hanging from the rafters? Phone Post 3.0
11/10/16 12:57 PM
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Ed Okin - 
David@accu - 

.... Well first of all it's a 538 is exactly how many people read that shit site. They are beyond biased. How absurd 86%, you have to be fucking joking.  Even the polls we just found out were rigged aren't as bold as to give Clinton such a lead.  

You aren't very smart.

Oh that is GOLD isn;t it? Well ISN'T IT?
11/10/16 12:58 PM
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Lmfao @ Ed Okin

Most of the others I won't give hell to, but fuck that guy. Imbecile. Phone Post 3.0
11/10/16 12:59 PM
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Ed Okin - 
MrMichaelz - a 50k person survey




LOL @ Truthfeed, a Breitbart-esque right wing website. Try to be smarter than this. You only make yourself look silly.


Silly? No, you've proven to be far worse here Einstein.
11/10/16 1:01 PM
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Ed Okin - 

Five points ahead, two weeks before the election, is an enormous gap to close. So enormous that it is impossible to do so. This election was over weeks ago. Trump retards can continue to lie to themselves, if they want, but it doesn't make it so. He is losing badly and dragging the party down with him.

Good God Ed. You have truly proven to be quite the retard here. Nothing like losing all credibility in such a fantastic fashion.
11/10/16 1:05 PM
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lol @ anyone dragging the cesspool that is the modern GOP down any lower.  Get real.