PoliticalGround Trump is going down in flames.

8/10/18 11:59 PM
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thesleeper - 

He's losing by six on the rcp average. Paul Ryan and the GOPers up for reelection are headed for the lead insulation, and the Apprentice videos are a mere 5 million dollars away from showing up in public. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump is losing by double digits by the end of the week.




8/11/18 1:48 AM
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8/11/18 6:12 AM
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Ed Okin -
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Trump wins Florida

This place has been a complete cesspool of idiocy for months now but I've been moderately encouraged by how everyone - on both sides of the argument - has pretty much completely ingnored your inane trolling. There might be hope for the OG's future yet.

Not trolling, just good data from folks in Florida predicting a high turnout.

5/24/19 12:40 AM
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Flames, lol.

5/24/19 1:31 AM
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Lofland -

Buzzfeed says they've found several women who say Trump walked in on them at the Miss TEEN USA contest.  TEEN.  Minimum age either 14 or 15.  TEEN.  Jennifer Granholm of the Clinton camp just mentioned it.  I assume every journalist in the country is trying to get them to come on TV.  Would that not be the final straw?

Pulitzer Prize winning buzzfeed.com?

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TheSleeper was eithet Orcus or Pedro IMO

5/24/19 9:32 AM
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LMAO does sleeper still post or has he moved onto another account now?

5/24/19 9:51 AM
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Any day now he's going to lose the 2016 election. 

5/24/19 10:31 AM
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HorseMeat4200 -

LMAO does sleeper still post or has he moved onto another account now?

He was one of the accounts that dissapeared after election night

5/24/19 1:21 PM
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I think the crux of the problem is that Trump has a typical New York trait (bear with me, OG NYers before you vote me down into Bolivian) and you couple that with the entitlement he's had his whole life being rich and it's just a recipe for disaster.

I've met quite a few people from NY, many are very cool, like our own Nitecrawler. But among many of them is a weird trait. It's a kind of self-centeredness that runs very deep and is virtually impossible for the people who have it to admit to or see in themselves at all. If it's not important to them, it's not important. Period. Literally. It doesn't matter at all.

I have a friend at work who's from NY and loves everything about Trump. Like Trump, he literally cannot admit that he's wrong and he cannot admit that Trump has done anything wrong because all the shit Trump's done isn't a big deal to him. He thinks the election is rigged because of the people who DO take issue with the many, MANY verbal gaffes Trump has made are making such a big deal about them. I mean it's obvious!! Who cares about any of that stuff?? I don't, so therefore, they're not important. Period.

This trait at its worst comes out as a really bad hypocrisy that the person just CANNOT see. Much like how Trump thought the whole Clinton impeachment was 'over nothing' and the Clinton victims were 'losers' way back when.

If Trump had been able to just *pretend* to be likeable for 5 minutes and had the least bit of substance to his policies he would be looking at a Reagan style landslide over HRC. Now, it's very likely to be the exact opposite because he's completely incapable of even acting like a decent human being or taking smart direction from smart people looking out for his interests.

NY and LA are the only two redeemable places in America.

Nice try with the hate though, coming from some backass stupid peckerwood town surely you know so much about NYC.

SMH at this shit. Phone Post 3.0

You must be one of those NYers I was talking about. You can spot 'em a mile away.

I'm European, you sound like a typical backwards fucking American. Phone Post 3.0

The European native new yorker, try to keep your shit straight, you fucking communist faggot

5/24/19 11:34 PM
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The flames of victory

5/24/19 11:45 PM
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lol what a faggot
5/24/19 11:49 PM
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lol...die hard Trump supporters:

A few months ago: "Look at the pollls!"

The last 2 months: "No wait, the polls are rigged!"

The past week: "Nevermind, look at the polls again!"



By the way, all that is going to matter in the end is the electorate map.

You sound stupid.

Tough map for Trump.

It's so funny... I am reading sources that say Hillary wins in a landslide....then others saying a computer that is never wrong predicts Trump.

Hurry up 11/9 so this is over. Phone Post 3.0
Which computer? Sounds like bs doesn't it? Phone Post 3.0

wonder which name this pinko cock sucker is posting under now

5/25/19 10:29 AM
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They aren’t going to reverse the election? 




7/14/19 10:31 PM
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Gotta revive this for 2020

7/14/19 10:40 PM
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7/14/19 10:41 PM
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I forgot about thesleeper lol.

A lot of the old posters disappeared after the election.  Too much crow to eat I suppose.