PoliticalGround WHY is USA so UNHAPPY???

6/1/20 9:43 PM
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how come you don't end your posts with "Thanks!" anymore?  I miss that.


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The US never ranks #1 but consistently ranks among the top 20 happiest countries in the wirld.

6/1/20 9:47 PM
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Well Karusa or Raskal

Maybe I'm an outlier but I'm happy.  My wife is happy and my kids (college students) are happy.  Plenty of happy people where I live but we live in an affluent suburban neighborhood in a stretch of very nice towns and cities.  I have a very cool little side job to supplement my retirement.  In reality, the side job pays for mountain bikes, gears, parts, vacations & various house repairs.

Also married a career minded, highly educated & extremely motivated women who has an excellent job with a strong pension & 401K.

To your delight Karusa, my son works at a Starbucks.

I'm afforded all the Lattes and machiatos my heart can desire.  I do make fun of you and your morning lattes but the truth is, I enjoy the same lattes....   





6/1/20 11:41 PM
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^Good Ticket!

I myself am an unusual 'glass half full' optimist though the reasons for which I am optimistic for our future is the opposite for others as most people tend to fear and oppose change while I try to embrace it as a natural part of evolution.

if we observe the history of humanity we will note that there has been a continual progression since the first ape used a stick as a tool.

it is no doubt that the many social changes and technological innovations have been feared and opposed throughout our progress and evolution, but contrary to the complainers, I think that we are living better now than before and it continues to get better......conditions WILL change but future generations "living the good life" will see us just as backwards or primitive in our culture as we see those before us
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Media brainwashing black folks that that everything that goes wrong in their lives is because of white people

media is the enemy of all good people 

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Life sucking routines with multiple emotional breakdowns...Story of almost everyone.