PoliticalGround Why as a socialist I support Trump, not Bernie

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A summary of Sander's foreign policy orientation based on a New York Times questionnaire post to all candidates.

China - normal relations conditioned upon Hong Kong "independence and sovereignty" and Uighur "internment camps/Muslim minority rights." So bullshit aside, no normal relations to be expected.

Russia - adversarial enemy state based on supposed territorial aggression in Ukraine and former Soviet states, as well as supposed human rights violations and election interference.

Imperial aggression: would engage in military 'humanitarian intervention'. Military force to preempt nuclear test DPRK and Iran. So a war with Iran is part of his presidential campaign.

He's all over the place. He wants conflict with everyone, would start ww3, openly flaunts it. What the fuck?

Meanwhile, Trump just wants to trade with everyone and acts as someone who's a real human being, with actual christian conscience. Has no desire to start world war 3. Bernie is a socialist my ass.