5/2/18 5:07 PM
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Has anyone read his material or tried his programming? I believe he is a fitness trainer that uses primarily body weight exercises. Curious if anyone has any feedback. Thx

5/2/18 8:41 PM
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He likes to smile. A lot.

5/2/18 11:09 PM
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Choked72 -

He likes to smile. A lot.

Any other feedback?

Edited: 5/3/18 9:52 AM
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So I've been on a calisthenics only program for 10 weeks now. Away from weights and doing this for the first time. I was concerned that it would make me look more skinny fat, despite guys like Kavadlo being pretty ripped - most of these guys look...well...LEMUR like with a layer of body fat. Not desirable to me.


At any rate, the key to building muscle with calisthenics is progression; making things more difficult as you go. Kavadlo's progressions are pretty good. This allows you to progress in two ways: by getting stronger as well as by learning the movement better/better kinesthetics.


And the result of these progressions hasn't been size but it has changed what I would call my muscle density for the better. This is with no diet change and I could stand to tighten that up.  The shock of completely foreign resistance patterns is the driver I believe. I'm positively surprised I could achieve this, along with getting stronger on the movements, and Kavadlos progressions are key to this. 


So I suppose that's and endorsement of him 

5/3/18 5:06 PM
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Thanks for the feedback!

5/31/18 12:56 AM
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Link to Kavadlo's progressions? Are they any different than the vast array of youtube calisthenic enthusiasts?
6/24/18 11:51 AM
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I don't think they're fundamentally different than other progressions. That said, there are plenty of ways to skin the cat for progressions, so just try to find a path that allows you to continuously advance

11/9/18 6:21 PM
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I follow Kavaldo. He seems like an awesome dude. I follow his wife too. Fittest couple I know.