S&C UnderGround Amount Of Push-Up's A Man 40ish Should Be arable

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What's a decent amount of push-ups a man around 40ish should be able to do when maxing out?

8/18/17 12:59 PM
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8/19/17 2:02 AM
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Depends on what form you are doing. Strict push ups I think 30 would be good at that (my) age.
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I started trying to max out for my first set of push-ups about 6 weeks ago when I turned 39, taking a day or two rest in between depending on how I feel


I started at 33 push-ups maxing out the first time


I hit 50 on the dot this morning

12/8/17 7:43 PM
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50 real chest to floor full extension pushups. Anything more than that is pretty unnecessary assuming you are focusing on strength as well as just muscular endurance. Less and you are just weak

12/14/17 12:30 PM
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Who cares, nobody does them correctly anyway. Anything above 30 perfect form pushups is just someone getting more effecient at doing pushups anyway and doesn't really matter, better off trying to make the rest of your body stronger as opposed to trying to get your push up count up. 

12/31/17 2:08 PM
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It´s not about numbers. It´s about form.

If you do slow controlled push ups without moving your formarms (not even an inch) you wouldn´t be able to do as much as if you go fast with a lot of momentum.

But as long as you don´t want to be the push up world champion form and muscle recruitng is more important than numbers.

You don´t want to be effecient you want to recruit as much muscle fibers as possible.......

10/23/19 7:08 PM
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Check out this Push Up Challenge 


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I never heard of half of those push-ups