S&C UnderGround Delts lagging. Train them daily?

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Never had great delts. Want to change that. Thinking about experimenting with daily delt training.

Shoulders are very strong, just not overly deleveloped. Also have pretty big triceps so they kind of hide whatever shitty delt development I already have. 

I have a bit of an issue with my left shoulder right now so can't do much pressing movements, but lateral raise, rear delt work doesn't bother it. Never did much in terms of front delt work as I was doing plenty of pressing movements, but since pressing is out for a bit I can try it out.   

Any recommendations on how to go about setting this up? 

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A youtuber called "Athlean-X" has some great tips on delt training.


Drop sets worked for me, big time. Also, "round the worlds" combined with a pressing movement. Basically, something where 10 reps would leave your delts smoked. Face pulls are great as well.

9/4/17 10:32 AM
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Daily deltoid training would be a BAD idea, especially if you already have a problem with one of your shoulders, as you mentioned.  Stick with a general strength program that is well rounded and balanced, and targeting all the major muscle groups.  Genetic influences are the primary factor in why people look different.  If you don't like the way your shoulders look, blame your parents :)

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