S&C UnderGround Help with test supplements?

8/29/17 4:14 PM
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45 and slowing down in both the gym and the bedroom. Got my T levels tested and came out within acceptable levels despite being low in one area and near the bottom of the range in another. So no help from the doc or insurance. Not gonna lie, was tempted by the promises in a Nutragenix commercial!  Lol. But forget paying $70-$80 per month. 


Did a little bit of research and saw there are some that get decent reviews that clock in at 20-30 a month, like EVL Test and Alpha Test. But thought I'd come to the UG for advice. Can these sups actually help?  And are there any good ones that are in my budget?

8/29/17 4:15 PM
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Oh, and forgot to ask...  Are there any places you can better deals on these than Amazon or eBay?

11/5/17 2:34 PM
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Royal jelly and daa have worked well for me...i will be giving hogh dose taurine a shot soon also.

3/16/19 10:39 AM
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Red Kooga Korean Ginseng helps me.

8/13/20 5:48 PM
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13 days ago
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Isn’t prescription test like $50 a month? That’s what I supplement with!