S&C UnderGround How to increase ones red cell count?

7/17/17 11:25 PM
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I just found out that my family has a genetic issue. We have very small red blood cells. There is nothing that can be done about it. However, our cell count is normal

This explains why my cardio has always sucked. I literally have to breathe 50% harder than most people to get the same O2 to my cells.

So, how can I increase my red cell count without having to eat liver? Iron and copper supplements and exercise seem to be all that I do.

Ideas? Experiences?
7/18/17 2:18 PM
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Foloc acid and vitamin b12. Things like spinach, eggs and meat should help with this.
7/19/17 8:01 PM
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7/19/17 8:02 PM
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Was ist das?
7/23/17 12:19 PM
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I have the same thing in my family. My cardio is good.

7/23/17 2:36 PM
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Ok, what do you do improve it beyond running and circuit training?
7/23/17 9:06 PM
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Stronghold - Ok, what do you do improve it beyond running and circuit training?

Depends on which training cycle I'm in. Typically I do low base aerobic work about 3x per week with my HR around 130bpm. Then I also do bjj 4-5x a week where we have about 6x6 min rolls at the end of each class. Plus strength training thats my "general maintenance" chilling out training. It keeps me in a good general shape, my VO2 max is about 55% which isnt too bad for my age.


If I am stepping it up or in the final 6 weeks before a competition that I'd like to peak for, I will usually drop the aerobic stuff to 1-2x per week and then add in 2-3 supplementary anaerobic sessions.


the programming for these sessions vary. Some are continuous power output for longer intervals and others are like a 1:2 work:rest ratio of short sprints like 100m, and cluster them into 6min rounds or so.

10/17/17 5:56 PM
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Wilders of the Lost Each - Can you give some more details? What's your hemoglobin level? And specifically what gene/s and what mutation/polymorphism is the cause?

I'm not sure... I just had some blood work done and it was in the normal range.

here is my genetic code where the mutation is. As you can see, that chromosome is a little off kilter!