S&C UnderGround I have no idea what to do in the gym. HIIT help...

4/16/18 12:40 PM
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I’ve been training bjj for the last 12 years. I just moved and got a new job and can’t make it to bjj regularly anymore. So now I have to go to get back in the weight room. Problem is that I have no idea what I should be doing. I have a home gym and access to a small gym at work. 

In the past my favorite workouts have been the high intensity interval workouts. I trained at a TFW gym for a while and enjoyed the hurricanes and the interval lifting. I definitely don’t like bodybuilding style splits. Sitting a bench doing curls is not my thing. 

Can anyone recommend a site, or a YouTube page with workouts, or maybe recommend a program for me to try? 

I’ve got a squat rack, adjustable bench, kettlebells, barbells, a couple boxes, and some dumbbells as well. They gym also has treadmills and a row machine. 

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

7/22/18 11:39 AM
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Taku's intervals are great(Google). Do them on a cardio machine(airdyne..elliptical etc)   Picked these up years ago when I would compete.  Loved am and they really put gas in your tank.  I still is an off and on to be able to keep up with a toddler.

3/11/19 9:50 AM
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This has elevated my game
4/16/19 10:09 PM
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Holy shit, CWolvie! There's a "blast from the past" name!