S&C UnderGround I have no idea what to do in the gym. HIIT help...

4/16/18 12:40 PM
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I’ve been training bjj for the last 12 years. I just moved and got a new job and can’t make it to bjj regularly anymore. So now I have to go to get back in the weight room. Problem is that I have no idea what I should be doing. I have a home gym and access to a small gym at work. 

In the past my favorite workouts have been the high intensity interval workouts. I trained at a TFW gym for a while and enjoyed the hurricanes and the interval lifting. I definitely don’t like bodybuilding style splits. Sitting a bench doing curls is not my thing. 

Can anyone recommend a site, or a YouTube page with workouts, or maybe recommend a program for me to try? 

I’ve got a squat rack, adjustable bench, kettlebells, barbells, a couple boxes, and some dumbbells as well. They gym also has treadmills and a row machine. 

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

7/22/18 11:39 AM
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Taku's intervals are great(Google). Do them on a cardio machine(airdyne..elliptical etc)   Picked these up years ago when I would compete.  Loved am and they really put gas in your tank.  I still is an off and on to be able to keep up with a toddler.

3/11/19 9:50 AM
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This has elevated my game
4/16/19 10:09 PM
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Holy shit, CWolvie! There's a "blast from the past" name!

11/6/19 8:12 PM
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Go to www.stronglifts.com and read the guide.  It's packed with great information.  Stronglifts is the most popular weightlifting program for beginners (although it's great for any level lifter to go back and redo from time to time).