S&C UnderGround Killer 7-7-7 Barbell Complex Workout

12/8/19 6:01 PM
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Great Barbell workout that you can do to train overall strength, power, muscular endurance and cardio.

This barbell complex is where you perform a series of movements using a single training tool. There is little to no transition time between exericses and you can only rest after all of the moves have been completed for the prescribed number of reps.



7 Exercise Barbell Complex Perform each exercise for 7 reps one after the other with no rest. After you are finish, rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 7 rounds.



Funk uses 10kg per side with 45lbs Olympic Bar - Total = 89lbs


1. Barbell Speed Deadlift

2. Stiff Legged Lifts

3. Barbell Jump Squats

4. Alternating Forward Lunge

5. Military Push Press and Triceps Extensions

6. Barbell Sprawl and Power Curls

7. Barbell Roll Outs


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