S&C UnderGround Looking for power rack

10/22/19 11:49 AM
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Looking for a power rack for a home gym. Basically do squats, bench, and pull-ups. Been looking at Rogue racks and they're nice. 

The issue I have is, brand new house, and I can't bolt anything to the garage floor because of tension rods in the concrete. 

So I need a stable rack that can't be bolted to the floor. Suggestions?

22 days ago
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I have a Titan x2. It says to be bolted down but I don't and it's fine. If you put plate storage on there you are set. With weights and attachments mine is around 600lbs.

19 days ago
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Matrix Mega Racks. Very heavy, all the functions. But rather expensive. Titans are a reasonable value. Maybe check out Sorinex