S&C UnderGround Low Deadlift numbers?

3/31/19 11:39 AM
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I don't get it. I can't deadlift that much. I find it a really tough exercise. I can only deadlift like 100kg and I weigh 82kg.

I have seen chicks that are like 65-70kg lift more than me. I will say that my lower back and hip flexors are super tight from training BJJ for the last 9 years.

Any advice on how to get those numbers up? What program worked for you?
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4/1/19 3:10 AM
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I'm gonna go super basic on this...

Glute Ham Raise
Trap Bar Deadlift
Reverse Lunge
Walking Lunge
Pull Throughs
Bulgarian Split Squats
Kettle Swing
Box Jumps
Sprints/Tempo Runs

To break things out into boxes: you're either hamstring or quad dominate and you either lift conventional or sumo. Fix what is fucked up, and find ways to do what you can't do.

You could still run speed/dynamic effort deadlifts without doing maximal effort. You probably need to build muscle, cardio, work capacity, and specific strength. Speed work with a barbell plus jumps early in the week, and then come back later and do bodyweight/kettlebells and rebhad or prehab stuff with bands (band walks, TKE).


Coan/Phillipi 10 week Deadlift Routine