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7/23/18 4:06 AM
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How legit is this? I lifted weights consistently from 17 until about 2 years ago when I got a hernia and lost all motivation. I lost pretty much all of my muscle mass over that period but recently have been back into the lifestyle. Can I expect to regain muscle more easily than when I originally started, or is that bro science internet bullshit?

7/23/18 2:46 PM
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Google is your friend.
7/23/18 4:14 PM
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m.g - Google is your friend.

I was looking for people giving their personal experience rather than somebody’s blog or video

11/28/18 7:06 AM
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Muscle memory in the way the term is generally used would refer to fine moter skill, technique, or specific adaption. Your ability to train for hypertrophy (muscle growth) is almost totally unrelated. If you can train now you should be able to train hard enough to force muscular adaption. However, if you can't front squat/overhead squat/snatch 405 for reps any more that might be technical.