S&C UnderGround Need weight plate advice

5/11/18 1:24 PM
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Hi S&C bros! I bought a house last month in a rural area. No gym in town, BUT the house included a 700 sq ft shop with 25 foot ceiling. The previous owner left me a cheap squat rack, bench and some rubber puzzle piece flooring. Gym solution is obvious. ;)

Sooooooo. Looking on amazon, 45 lbs plates are fairly expensive, like $50-$60 EACH. I seem to remember the last time I bought weights its was like $250 for a 385lb set WITH 45 lb barbell. And it's not like there is any new technology involved here. 

Should I be looking somewhere other than 'zon?

5/12/18 10:51 AM
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1 cent per pound is acceptable....if you really look around maybe you can find .85 cents/pound. This is for new. Goto Craig's list and you'll find better prices

11/28/18 7:08 AM
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$1 per pound is extremely normal to the point it only varies when people are getting rid of stuff. Alternatives include chains, bands, and sand bags.
11/30/18 11:13 PM
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Check Facebook and other sites like that, we just scored an adjustable bench, squat rack, lat pulldown and 250lbs of weights for free bc some rich bitch wanted it outta her house.