S&C UnderGround Safety squat bar, the leverage differences

1/13/18 12:03 PM
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Can any of you break this down? I've recently started using one & love it. However, I'm way more sore in my glutes & hamstrings than with a regular back squat. I feel like I'm standing straight up a bit more due to the shape of the the bar & how it distributes the weight differently. Thoughts & answers please
1/14/18 3:10 PM
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In for info
4/23/18 10:03 AM
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While I cant give you any scientific info; I use only this bar since my shoulders are banged up. But I know Wendler says "it makes your back strong like bull'. And I would tend to agree, since it pushes you forwrded and your torso has to compenstate.  

11/2/18 6:47 AM
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Cunt bar wants to dump you forward, especially at the bottom so you need to use more upper back, glutes and hams to keep you upright. 

11/28/18 6:36 AM
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Being that Dave Tate invented the bar he's probably a pretty good resource to start with...