S&C UnderGround Training with excercise induced asthma

1/9/19 2:44 AM
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Hello S&C members,
I trained TKD for 3 years as a youth and Muay Thai for nearly the same as an adult. Poor cardio performance has always been my bane, especially during medium to long length sparring sessions. I always felt there was a problem with my lungs, but always push through anyways.

I recently visited a pulmonologist in an attempt to resolve the issue. I had blood , chest xray, cat scan, spirometer, v02 max tests all performed on me. My blood , chest xray, cat scan tests all returned normal. My spirometer test show borderline abnormal at a score of 80 ( below 80 being abnormal). My v02 max test showed my heart was in good condition, my lungs I was told resembled something seen similar in smokers lungs, though my cat scan proved my lungs were healthy.

My Doctor had to consult with his peers about this pattern that he had not previously seen before, though he had been in the business for many years. They later concluded it was exercise induced asthma.

I've been on Trelegy for several months, taking it daily, as I'm told this has all the various medications in one. I've seen moderate improvement, but the problem still does exist. However, I feel my Dr. may be at the end of his rope.

Has anyone else had a similar experiences? If so, have you found relief? whether western medicine, alternative treatments, or other?

Any feedback welcome. Thanks.
1/26/19 3:38 PM
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i have (had?) this and i was given an inhaler to use, not a medicine to take every day...i seemed to have grown out of it, but what i noticed worked really well for keeping it away was making sure i got a good warm up and a good cool down

basically just sprinting and stopping would cause it, but like 30 seconds to a minute of jogging at the beginning and end of the sprint would stop it from coming on

for mma what this looked like was a slow warm up, and walking around after class while everyone was either sitting around or leaving