S&C UnderGround What do I study ? (S&C)

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I love s&c, mainly for figthers. I like Marinovich, Nick Curson and The guy training TJ Dillashaw seems pretty remarkable (Sam Calavitta). Im a fan of the guys who seem to take a different approch


My question is what course or subject can I take to gain some knowledge in S&C? And hopefully one day teach?

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Here are some book recommendations:

Secrets Of Soviet Sports Fitness and Training - Yessis
Science Of Martial Arts Training - Staley
The Poliquin Principles - Poliquin
Black Book Of Training Secrets - Thibaudeau

Some old school books:

Super Strength - Calvert
Muscle Building - Liederman

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A solid understanding of the principles of exercise physiology is the science behind the development of the program for your athletes, the art of developing the program is to use the scientific principles to best meet the needs of each individual athlete you work with. It's not rocket science, but many will make it seem so.  I have been teaching Kinesiology at Montana Tech for 29 years, and coaching MMA and Judo athletes during that time.  One of the classes i teach is "KIN 422 Advanced Strength and Conditioning".  The text I use is: A Practical Approach to Strength Training by Matt Brzycki, and I highly recommend this book.  An easy read full of good information - the 3rd or 4th edition is available online for about $10.  Also, anything by Ken Mannie (strength coach at Michigan State) writes is good stuff, Mark Asanovich (former strength coach for Jacksonville Jaguars) has a lot of good material.  Hope this helps...

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Thanks !!!' Ill check these out