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5/28/20 10:58 AM
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Paulo Costa was supposed to challenge middleweight champion Israel Adesanya at UFC 248, but suffered a bicep injury, and Adesanya defended successfully vs. Yoel Romero. Costa was in attendance, but was escorted out of his seat to backstage due to, as UFC president Dana White explained, "going f***in' crazy."

Adesanya appeared recently on Submission Radio and offered some further details, and also weighed in on the potential for a superfight between light heavyweight Jon Jones and top heavyweight Francis Ngannou.

“Funny story I haven’t told," began Adesanya. "At my last fight – nobody wants to f*** with Francis – Paulo was acting up. You know how he got kicked out? He was acting up, misbehaving, acting a fool. And at one point – Dan told me this, Dan Hooker told me this – it’s like, Paulo sacked it to Francis cause Francis told him to shut the f*** up, that his last fight wasn’t that great anyways, and he just shut up and didn’t even make eye contact.”

“He was like, ‘hey, Paulo, shut up, you’re last fight wasn’t even that good anyway,’ and he just like, he just ignored him like he didn’t hear it. Everyone in the f***in' front row heard it and everyone saw him s*** his pants. So, no one wants to f*** with Francis.

"And I said, this nigga [Jon Jones] has been around the f***ing game for ten years he’s never jumped up in weight. He’s not doing it. Trust me. And a little birdy even told me, tweeted me, private messaged me and told me he’s not gonna do it. So, yeah, I already knew. And he’s gonna outprice himself. And it’s a great fight, sure. He can definitely beat Francis, sure. But trust me, you don’t want that f***ing smoke with Francis. Francis learned from his Stipe Miocic fight. He’s learned and he respects his own power now. He knows he can’t just fall in love with it. He’s a different man now from when I talked to him last, and I’m telling you, man, I can’t wait for him, Kamaru, and myself, all golded out, and we do this big tour of Africa. I really love that vision. I can’t wait till it happens.”

“It’s what Mayweather does. Whenever McGregor gets in the headlines or whenever McGregor fights, what does Mayweather do? He throws his name out there, acts like he’s gonna fight him. Just because he wants his name in the headlines. You keep yourself relevant. I can play that game too, I can play that game anytime Jon Jones fights. I don’t, but you guys keep asking me, so I’m like, oh, f***, I gotta talk about this again.”

“For me, I can’t really lock in a date yet, but I like August. August sounds good to me. Cause the restrictions on training here, we’re still, it’s so stupid. It’s weird, I’ll put it that way, but we still abide by the rules. We have a contact log, all that kind of stuff, we have groups that we train in specifically. So, it’s hard to get a full camp going. But the restrictions are coming off slowly I think. We just got an announcement yesterday, but I didn’t even check because I’m over it personally.”

The next title defense will be vs. Costa, in front of an empty arena, which suits Adesanya fine.

“I like it," he said. "Oh yeah, you’re gonna hear a lot of ***-talking and a lot of broken English from his part as well. What I really want is that intimacy, that no distractions. There’s no crowd. Cause sometimes people do play to the crowd. And I love the crowd, don’t get me wrong, I love a crowd, but I love this. It takes it back to the rawness, the realness of it. It’s me and this f***boy fighting in front of a couple of billionaires and the whole world can watch online, on streaming. It’s like some dark web s***, on fight island, like a fight to the death. And you can really hear all the impact and all that kind of stuff. So yeah, I look forward to fighting in an empty arena, or if it’s at the Apex. But I really want it to be on the island, to be honest.”

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In b4 the critics 

5/28/20 12:07 PM
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I hate Israel

5/28/20 12:18 PM
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He just tries way too hard 

5/28/20 12:21 PM
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Israel is the best fighter to jack off to anime porn. 

5/28/20 12:27 PM
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Erik Apple -

I hate Israel

He always comes off like a douchebag teenager.

5/28/20 12:49 PM
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Should nigga be typed out like that?

5/28/20 1:20 PM
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shaqitup -

Should nigga be typed out like that?

Should he have typed nigger?

5/28/20 1:23 PM
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Israel might not suck a dick, but he would definitely let it roll around inside his mouth a while. 

5/28/20 1:24 PM
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HillboFrateTrane -

Israel is the best fighter to jack off to anime porn. 


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Man, for a bunch of hater’s y’all really like talkin about this dude. Don’t understand the hate either, Izzy’s an entertaining dude

5/28/20 3:31 PM
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This guy really trying to say Costas last fight sucked after the shitshow he put on?

5/28/20 6:00 PM
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He's a good fighter and probably a good person but I hope Costa just bulldozers him. 

5/28/20 6:47 PM
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whens Israel moving up in weight. all talk like.a chicken. hes too old to be acting 21

5/28/20 7:05 PM
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Isreal shouldnt talk about what happened during that fight.


Tony Ferguson carrys baseballs for people who fought like Isreal fought in that fight.

5/28/20 7:05 PM
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Israel is awesome.

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FingerorMoon -


Israel is awesome.

If you will it dude, it is no dream. 

5/28/20 7:55 PM
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Compare paulo vs Romero to izzy vs Romero.  One was one of the most exciting fights in recent UFC history

An  then this bad ass kickboxing specialist  just stood there looking at Yoel..for the whole fight

i wouldn't count out Costa vs Francis in a street fight either

5/28/20 8:03 PM
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I like him.

5/28/20 8:15 PM
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KingMartyrJack -
Sonester Sambo -
KingMartyrJack -
Erik Apple -

I hate Israel

No one will remember you.

He probably fucked your wife 

Seeing how my wife is your motehr and I just finished spanking you on the OG.... yeah sounds about right.

Don't waste your time with that fuck wit 

sonester sambo is a dumb cunt

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Erik Apple -

I hate Israel

I like that you hate him. 

hope he keeps winning and you hate him more

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For those saying Izzy shit on Costa’s fight, it was Ngannou saying that his last fight was trash. 

5/28/20 10:03 PM
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Izzy is a fucken knob 

5/28/20 11:45 PM
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HillboFrateTrane -
FingerorMoon -


Israel is awesome.

If you will it dude, it is no dream. 

Yeah he had a shit fight against Romera but what champion hasn't had a stinker?




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I wish l could like this guy but fk he makes it hard.