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11/22/20 5:16 PM
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Anderson Silva is arguably the greatest fighter in UFC history, and inarguably is the greatest middleweight ever. However, UFC president Dana White was no longer comfortable with "The Spider" fighting in the UFC, after he went just 1-7 with one No Contest in eight years, so granted his wish to be released with a fight still left on his contract.

Now Silva has responded on his social network.

"Hey everyone," wrote the former champ. "I didn’t want to talk about this subject, especially because I’m on vacation and as the saying goes, 'a deal is a deal' I’ll make it clear to all my fans that this is a moment of joy and gratitude!!! I feel free, after an attempt to force my retirement!

"I love and have always loved what I do, winning and losing are a part of it, it has absolutely nothing to do with age, I made technical mistakes and lost, but I didn’t lose what’s most important, the will and the desire to continue doing what I love, I still have the warrior spirit and that burning flame in my heart that motivates me, I have total belief that I can continue to compete in the elite of MMA.

"I take this moment to reflect about my career and to plan my next moves... Stay Tuned!!!"

 Call it UG, where does Anderson Silva go next?

11/22/20 5:37 PM
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Bellator..... Fedor vs Silva July 4th weekend... 

11/22/20 5:47 PM
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Hopefully he juices again and goes to One or Bellator preferably which matches up the older guys better. Not FEdor though, that would go badly for Anderson.
11/22/20 6:25 PM
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11/22/20 6:49 PM
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Rizin or One Fc

11/22/20 8:03 PM
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His contract with the UFC must have been legit.  Sounds like the $ really mattered here because I can't believe anyone who has gone 1-7 actually thinks they are still able to compete among elite.

11/22/20 8:09 PM
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Ultimately he can do what he wants, as a huge fan, I want no part in it

11/22/20 8:24 PM
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Makes me sad but we knew he was never gonna stop 

11/23/20 3:42 AM
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Made me sad to read that.

11/23/20 3:54 AM
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Hopefully his family can talk him into retirement. The pros outweight the cons 99.99 to 0.01 at this point 


11/23/20 3:55 AM
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I mean the other way around ^^

11/23/20 7:06 AM
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Anderson vs gegard. Id put my money on Gegard 

11/23/20 7:26 AM
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Please retire Anderson. 

11/23/20 8:09 AM
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MagnumPeeEye -

Please retire Anderson. 

THis....10000000x this....


A huge fan

11/23/20 12:36 PM
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Apparently bellator not interested. I don't blame them. 

11/23/20 3:39 PM
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11/23/20 8:04 PM
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The guy should have millions in the bank.

11/23/20 8:53 PM
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I know PFL and Bellator isn't interested, maybe ONE overseas or some smaller Brazil org that he gets part ownership of.

11/23/20 10:25 PM
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This is sad to watch.

11/23/20 11:52 PM
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One Championship CEO said he's not interested. Combate Americas? KSW? 

11/24/20 2:12 AM
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Are we seeing an industry wide black listing of Anderson? I am not a fan, but all of the companies publicly saying it all at once is suspect. 

11/24/20 11:54 AM
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Oscar De La Hoya will find him a fight. 

11/24/20 12:07 PM
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If he wants to fight, then let him fight. He obviously loves it. And it does sound like he’s getting blacklisted or something.