UnderGround Forums Anyone here know Bravo?

6/20/19 10:38 PM
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Eddie is 100. Always been 100 with me in every day.  Mad respect for Eddie. 

6/20/19 10:49 PM
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I know Bravo. 


Its my favorite channel. 

6/20/19 10:51 PM
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The Pendulum -

I dunno about Eddie. In terms of Jiu Jitsu, he's a fucking wizard.


Seems like with conspiracy theories he's smoked himself retarded.

Eddie's enlightened, you're asleep. Simple as that.

6/26/19 9:56 AM
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Go watch those Royler matches again and tell me Bravo isn't the truth

6/26/19 12:04 PM
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I was just thinking about EDDIE BRAVO yesterday and how he used to be a very active poster on here years ago, a great contributor with some interesting threads.

His initial fame on here came from his association with ROGAN who trained at Eddie's ju jitsu dojo and mentioned him often and then BRAVO had a brief tenure as a UFC interview and a memorable moment him interviewing the door to the dressing room he couldnt get into near the fighters.

Among his interesting contributions was that all time popular post THE ULTIMATE ASS THREAD , hehe

Started hearing good things about his grappling and teaching and then he won that epic match over Gracie and put his name up there and gave the rubberguard more credibility.

He started getting mention on every UFC broadcast by Rogan and some great fighters utilized his signature rubber guard to pull off some great submissions in the octagon.

Yeah he has done some weird vids over the years and discussed marijauana a lot before it became more mainstream and now legal.

I'm guessing there is an EddieBravo strain or porduct in the marijuana field.

He even did a couple music videos of his band back in the day I seem to recall.

He's a bit strange at times but arent we all .....

Props to him for building a vast grappling school network.

Someone should pull up some of his old threads, probably some great grappling thoughts in there ...

Plus he has been Joe Rogan's buddy for a long time so he must be a cool cat !