UnderGround Forums Anyone like Stipe in the rematch?

8/14/19 11:58 AM
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kungfugrip - 

If someone is hitting you with a combo, shouldn't you cover up or back out (move)?

Hopefully both and not dropping your hands, straightening your neck, and stepping back. That's a dangerous game at HW

8/14/19 12:41 PM
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Stipe hasn't fought since that 1st fight so there's nothing that says it will go different. 


Stipe doesn't have better wrestling, or even a better chin. Stipe has lost and been dropped many times in his career, obv just look at the 1st fight. DC has fought plenty of high level strikers including prime Rumble Fucking Johnson and survived. DC only been KO'd by roided Jones via head kick


Stipe could win by utilizing his size and keeping distance picking him apart from a far. Then tire DC out and go for the kill later on. If he decides to slug it out he'll get KO'd again 

8/14/19 1:24 PM
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The Destroyer88 -

Stipe was doing very good up until the eye poke. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he wins on Saturday.

DC started figuring stipe out and was lighting him up before the eye poke even happened 

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DC said in a recent interview the first 6 weeks of camp didn't go well and he wasn't sure if he had it any longer. After getting in better shape he feels good to go now but he said if he continued training at that level he wasn't going to continue with the fight and he would retire.

He is 40 on the last page or two of his career, it wouldn't surprise me to see Stipe take this one. 

But DC is still one of the greatest of all time and I think he will pull it off.

8/14/19 1:33 PM
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Stipe is going to be stopped again. DC is on fire right now. He is double champ for a reason. 

8/14/19 2:53 PM
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kyleburkle - 

Glass chin he is fucked

He got hit my Ngannou and was never dropped. His defense just isn't the greatest.
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He got knocked out by struve 


Miocic doesn't take punches well glass chin cormier will ko him.again with a fat man punch

8/14/19 4:41 PM
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ChicagoTom -

DC is going to get KO'd in the first. He will be over confident from his previous win and will walk right into an overhand right that drops him and then Stipe finishes him punches. 

Screen name bet? 

8/14/19 5:02 PM
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No. Because DC will just revert back to his wrestling base if he gets into trouble. Stipe can't wrestle with DC.

8/14/19 7:17 PM
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I'll be rooting for Stipe. I hope he KOs DC 

8/14/19 9:39 PM
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8/14/19 10:27 PM
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For sure. If he uses his size he can win. He was doing good first fight until the eye poke...

8/14/19 11:04 PM
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DC got stipe with the eye poke and then KOed him by sneaking the right hand over the side of the blind eye


DC has a lot to lose in this fight. If he loses then the jones trilogy isnt happening

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The eye poke narrative is dumb. It had no effect on the outcome. DC leveraged him into that right hand and Stipe was in no position to defend regardless of an eye poke.

If you bothered to watch the fight analytically , DC worked the whole time to get inside. He finally did and gave Stipe a dominant position so Stipe wouldn't disengage. Then he dropped a bomb on him. 

If Stipe thinks that was luck or an eye gouge then he's fucked. 

The only way Stipe wins this is fighting like he did years ago, at range with good boxing technique. He doesn't fight that way anymore. He's very aggressive. If he fights aggressive instead of managing range, he absutley gets wrecked either by inside (dirty) boxing or being dumped on his ass. 

8/14/19 11:29 PM
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kyleburkle - 

He got knocked out by struve 


Miocic doesn't take punches well glass chin cormier will ko him.again with a fat man punch

Damn I forgot about that. How fuckin long ago was that?

He also got dropped from a jab by Overreem.
8/14/19 11:41 PM
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DC went 5 rounds w/ a roided up 27 yr old JBJ, and won at least one round.

Then, at almost 40, he was beating JBJ's prime ass, before getting caught by the proven cheat in the 3rd.

It's not that Stipe isn't great, bc he is. It's that Black Fedor is simply better, and an all-timer. And his wrestling (if he needs it) vs. Stipe's is in a different galaxy.

8/15/19 3:18 AM
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I'm worried about what kind of shape DC will be in and how much hes been putting into training.  He looked like he gained a ton of fat since the last fight.  

I'm rooting for DC but wouldn't be surprised if he loses.  

8/15/19 3:47 AM
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chupecabre -

Stipe gonna have to work tight boxing... Dictate range and avoid the clinch. If he comes forward as aggressivly as he usually does, he's getting dumped on his ass or dirty boxed up. He loses in that range. If he can figure out how to utilize his length and power effectively he was a chance.

His narrative that DC got lucky makes me think he'll probably lose. DC's fight IQ is too high. 

Getting dumped? He stuffed every td attempt in th first fight. 

8/15/19 3:50 AM
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sureshock -

Stipe is going to be stopped again. DC is on fire right now. He is double champ for a reason. 

Lol at double chimp he doesn't have the lhw strap.

8/15/19 4:14 AM
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8/15/19 5:44 AM
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I'll pick Stipe winning a boring decision.

8/15/19 7:16 AM
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Bobby Lupo -

I do. Stipe was doing well the first time, but he was making huge defensive mistakes: not moving his head, pulling straight back, and boxing at clinch range. If he stays at distance and uses straight punches, head movement and footwork to keep his range, he has a very good chance of winning. DC looked to be in terrible condition the first time, but his hands are very fast and his jab is super quick for HW. Stipe has to keep DC at arm's length and be ready with the uppercut when DC penetrates the range. 

I'm 60/40 Stipe for the rematch. 

I'm like 50/50.... but I agree with your thought process. DC is just a stud 

8/15/19 12:36 PM
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Stipe wins this in dominant fashion, and DC retires. 

Then he unretires for a massive third fight with Jones at LHW. 

Then he retires again.




8/15/19 3:13 PM
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BrckNoHitBk -
kyleburkle -

Glass chin he is fucked

A heavyweight that has been ko'd 2 times in 21 fights has a glass chin? Hmm.

This.  Dude took all of JDS shots.  One of the best power punchers in the game.


Could see it going either way, he's been training all year, maybe fixed his holes.

8/15/19 4:52 PM
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Father Time is undefeated. He is tapping on DC's shoulder. We've seen fighters rapidly decline around his age. I have a strange feeling Stipe wins, but I have no clue how he does it. Lucky knock out? Crazy decision? Who the fuck knows. Logic says DC wins it though.