UnderGround Forums Anyone notice that popped bicep?

4/14/19 1:02 PM
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It was all balled up pulled up off the tendon. I had that happen before and it scary painful,

I wonder if he will eat for surgery to reattach or end up looking like Kimbo Slice?

Eirher way it will be a few months he has to lay off that arm. if sugery it wil be in a sling for 6 months
4/14/19 1:03 PM
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The commentators obviously missed that...it was a big dea!
4/14/19 1:06 PM
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What fighter? What fight

4/14/19 1:10 PM
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Grant? I thought so too.


He winces like crazy when the ref raises his arm, and he wasn't using it in a lot of the fight.

4/14/19 2:15 PM
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Good thread.

4/14/19 2:18 PM
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dhughes -

Good thread.

Amazing thread don't you think Steve? 

4/14/19 2:20 PM
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Some people are so horrible when it comes to communicating. It's incredible. This is how my wife would make a thread 

4/14/19 4:40 PM
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'you know that thing I was thinking about earlier? well.. that'

4/15/19 2:55 AM
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H.E Pennypacker.

4/15/19 5:05 AM
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You were the only one

4/15/19 6:19 AM
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I saw it too. I also heard the anonymous fighter report to his corner inbetween rds that he had torn his bicep. 


Thread lacks details op.

4/15/19 6:45 AM
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BrowBeaten - 

Some people are so horrible when it comes to communicating. It's incredible. This is how my wife would make a thread 

LOL!  mine too.


also,  the "did anyone notice" threads are awesome.  They should be re titled "look at me!"

4/15/19 1:56 PM
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There are rules here.

4/15/19 4:22 PM
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i saw it also during the fight and saw him check it in between rounds. guys a legend he didnt stop.
4/15/19 5:01 PM
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It's clear as day in this picture.

4/15/19 5:39 PM
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no pics? u lot a bunch of useless souls i swear to god 

4/15/19 5:43 PM
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Ban everyone 

4/15/19 6:02 PM
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Bob Sachomano. He fought on the early prelims 


arm Was all fucked up. 


Art Vanderlay was the last time I saw something like that. 



4/15/19 6:03 PM
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4/15/19 7:02 PM
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Thought I noticed it right away, then he didn't even put his sleeve on.

4/15/19 11:38 PM
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I was in Dwight’s corner for the fight. He tore it off the bone half way through round one. Still kept throwing his right hand but nowhere near as much as he would have otherwise. Very gutsy performance and I’m very proud of him for toughing it out and getting the win!

4/15/19 11:39 PM
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you can clearly see it all balled up here.
4/16/19 6:23 AM
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Didn't see the fight but damn, what a warrior! 

4/16/19 6:34 AM
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Fucking animal!!!!! Fair play!!!

4/16/19 8:54 AM
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bigD13B -

you can clearly see it all balled up here.

Good lord