UnderGround Forums Are you allowed to yell into an opponents ear?

4/26/19 5:43 PM
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Could you make out with the back of someones head if you had their back?

4/26/19 6:18 PM
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It depends on what you scream. If it's not racially motivated or derogatory, Rule 21 of the Unified Rules allows it. So, for example, if you shriek, "Dude, you are so awesome!" the ref will not take a point, even if your opponent is deafened or has a loss of equilibrium as a result.

Update on my brother

He is still dizzy and loses his balance if he turns his head too fast. He is going to see his doctor next week, probably has ear damage.

Does your niece happened to be the Witch from Left 4 Dead? 

4/26/19 7:21 PM
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Referee stopped the fight a few times when Jorge Masvidal was talking shit to Dave Gardner. I had never seen that before.

I remember this happening once before. I'm guessing a Diaz fight. But the ref actually warned someone for talking shit

Someone warned Nick Diaz, and in true Nick Diaz fashion, he then started shit talking the ref. He was looking at the ref saying "fuck you" as he was punching his opponent. Don't think I'm wrong here, happened a long time ago, but fondly remember it.

Not quite that bad... I think the ref just said no talking.