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I knew there would be disagreements here. You’re all entitled to your own opinion. However, I’m just stating the facts.

- Arianny has helped brand the UFC for 13 years now.



Haters act like she just rolls out of bed in the morning and phones it in. She has been in shape for a long time. That can’t be said for a lot of models out there. I think that is good for the brand. A great example for young ladies everywhere.  

That said it’s a travesty that some orgs are shutting down the ring card girl thing. That takes jobs from women who are great sports/fitness role models. Why would we not celebrate them as well they work hard too. 

We need more Ariannys and less Walmart wildebeests in our society.  


You are an enabler and are causing more harm than good.  You probably don't even realize it.

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Mmm Nicole Amber was #1 with a gun.

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I don't see why she couldn't be indicted as the first UFC ring card girl to make it in, it's its own category. Buffer is an announcer, Joe Silva was a matchmaker, etc. If they induct a ring card girl in to recognize her contribution to the whole deal it's not like she would be stealing a slot from somebody else, they can add anybody they want. If they ever do choose to honor a ring card girl for her loyalty and dedication to the brand it might as well be her, she' a fixture of UFC events and does a lot more for them than just walk around the outside of the cage holding a sign.

If they keep it only fighters that's one thng but if they start including people in support roles for the company then why not? She's definitely the longest lasting OG ringcard girl.

I highly doubt you're getting any nudes in your mailbox b/c of this post, but nice try lol

There are no nudes, it’s a joke. And settle down, you’re coming off a little crazy and cuntish.... no reason to be this passionate about it, you made your point, let it go.  And I’m not white knighting, because I’m not crazy about ring girls in the hall of fame, it’s almost like a cheerleader in nfl half of fame, doesn’t make sense to me, but if they do, it should be her....    you seem mad that she comes back after a few years and gets more attention than you lol 

Someone seriously suggest a ring card girl should be in the hall of fame. Four pages and 2 people, myself being one, are the only ones to call her out in this ridiculousness. If it was anyone else they'd be laughed off the forum. No need to to try to be captain save a ho. I won't seek attention making ridiculous suggestions such as putting a ring girl in the hall of fame. I won't tease with nudes. I call her out on obvious bullshit and we got white knights like you trying to make me the bad guy. "I'm not crazy about a ring girl in the hall, but if they did it should be her". God what a beta boy thing to say in an obvious attempt to white knight. People like you defending such ridiculousness are just as much the problem as you encourage this.

Lol, I white knighted so hard I’m finally reading this 3 weeks later....but yea,  I don’t know her personally and don’t care that much, you were just being a dick about it. Also, I clearly said it was stupid for a ring girl to be in the hall of fame, but stand by my point that if they ever do choose one it will obviously be her.... & I was only fucking with you but you really got worked up, sorry if I hurt your feelings.  

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I was being a dick about it huh?  Is this your way of asking me for an apology for hurting your feelings?

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Ring card girls in the hall of fame might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. Good grief.