UnderGround Forums Artem vs Paulie who wins this Saturday?

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I am not going to miss this fight.  Not sure what to expect from Paulie!  

6/18/19 4:02 AM
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6/18/19 5:48 AM
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I got Artem

6/18/19 5:50 AM
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6/18/19 6:48 AM
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I know everyone thinks Paulie will but I think it would be hilarious is he gets knocked out by Artem. Paulie would have a breakdown

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Full fight: Artem Lobov vs Jason Knight

6/18/19 7:26 AM
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Paulie doesn’t have enough power to back Artem up. Artem by KO round 1. 

6/18/19 7:39 AM
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"Paulie is a little fucking pussy that plucks his eyebrows" - Artem

Lmao. Thats hilarious. I really hope Artem wins or at least makes it a war.

6/18/19 7:49 AM
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Hopefully Artem. 

6/18/19 7:56 AM
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ducks18 -

Pre fight countdown 

Will watch later, thx! I'll also take Artem, haha! This is gonna be a fun one...

6/18/19 7:57 AM
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ducks18 -

Pre fight countdown 

Awesome video.

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What do you guys think of the state of Florida is making them wear gloves.  They said they will be gloves with no protection on the knuckle.  lol. 

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I think the clinch is going to wear on Paulie and get him busted up. Just like bec was doing to boxer girls. She starts hanging on their heads and spamming uppercuts and they had no clue what to do.  In boxing this is not only illegal but a lot easier to cover up with gloves 

6/18/19 9:38 AM
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MagnumPeeEye -

Paulie doesn’t have enough power to back Artem up. Artem by KO round 1. 

This is how im starting to think. Artem just walks forward. Not sure about ko round 1 though but a late stoppage.

6/18/19 11:42 AM
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6/18/19 1:39 PM
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Rooting for Paulie, want to see him talk shit if he wins....

6/18/19 1:39 PM
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Hope Conor is there too....

6/18/19 1:41 PM
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I'll be honest, I do get a bit of a kick out of Paulie's shit talk, but the endgame for it is that I want to see him get his ass kicked. So i'll go for the GOAT

6/18/19 2:33 PM
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I think Paulie will get busted up bad and it'll be a doctor stoppage.

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Paulie easy work, don’t see Lobov lasting long with any pro boxer. 

6/18/19 2:53 PM
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Paulie easily. He is going to work Artem over and he will stop him.
6/18/19 3:25 PM
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the more I think about it, the more I'm leaning towards artem. Paulie has brittle hands and can barely bust a grape - the only stoppage win I can find with an actual knockdown is the kevin watts KO. And for artem's only mma tko loss, he was up and arguing with the ref right after it was waved off.

I can definitely see him hurting his hand early & artem taking the decision
6/18/19 3:26 PM
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cool papa -

Hopefully Artem. 

Why hes a huge cunt!

6/18/19 4:09 PM
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how much does this event cost?
6/18/19 6:51 PM
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