UnderGround Forums Askren critical of Conor "glory days and hot air"

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Askren should wait till he gets a win against Maia before he starts talking like this 

They've always had their back and forths






9/12/19 3:33 PM
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Lol at "errant shot" 


More like a Mothafuckin BULLSEYE!!


Askren needs to stop reading CREs threads...givng him a false sense of confidence that's going to get him hurt...oh wait

It was a one shot flying knee KO from fully across the cage that hit the very moment Ben ducked his head for the double.

It happened. It was legit.

But it is also a statistical anomaly that would be almost impossible to duplicate.

Minus that Knee I believe Ben takes him down and grinds him out consistently.

Low percentage move shows the desperation in Jorge's camp. They couldn't risk the takedown so they threw up a hail mary.


It worked beautifully with the element of surprise but was a strategy of fear.

It was the epitome of Martial Artistry

both beautiful and terrifying 

thats what we are all here to see

not 25 minutes of ride time to avoid combative contact

thats for young boys in middle school gyms and the Al Bundy's of the wrestling world 

It looked great. It was great.

But it's a VERY low percentage move. I liked it and all. But fights like that don't answer many questions.

WHo's the better fighter? We really don't know. We just know that a really wild move hit in the first few seconds of the fight. And that the chances of it happening again are almost non-existent.
10/27/19 6:44 PM
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I wonder what Conor thinks of Askrens latest performance

10/27/19 11:10 PM
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CRE - Nate Diaz on Masvidal "he just beat the best guy"

"Best guy" as in undefeated hyped fighter . That train was derailed . After 2 fights on the UFC it's clear as day that Askren was never the best guy.

The thing is though, when Askren cane into the ufc, he was calling out everyone and no one wanted any part of him so there was a huge amount of respect there..that and you had guys like Woodley, Pettis and Chandler all hyping Ben up big time acting like he will be fighting for a title in no time..

Obviously didn't happen so wtf happened?! Why did these guys respect or fear Askren that much in the beginning?