UnderGround Forums Belal Muhammad's father, cousin have stores looted

6/3/20 12:02 AM
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Protests and demonstrations against the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin have been held in numerous cities across the USA, and internationally. Disastrously, many in the USA have descended into looting and worse.

Chicago-based UFC welterweight Belal Muhammad recently posted on his social network that victims include his father and cousin.

Muhammad fights Lyman Good at UFC on ESPN+ 31 on June 20 at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. They were originally scheduled to fight at UFC 249 on 4/18, but the event was postponed due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, and Good tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

6/3/20 12:30 AM
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Hope they recover quick. 

6/3/20 12:31 AM
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Sorry its to help the racism fam! Dont complain.

6/3/20 12:38 AM
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scum; no reason to destroy small businesses that were already hurt due to the pandemic.

6/3/20 2:43 AM
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The great news though is racism will cease to exist after this is all done. The truly racist are now seeing their ill ways.

6/3/20 5:03 AM
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Why are these looters getting free reign. They literally walking in large crowds and raiding and chilling but no law enforcement in sight. Is this the plan all along just let them loot? 

Also why are the police so quick to break up the peaceful protests and leave the scum looters alone?? 

Isn't for situations like this martial law should be bought in. What they waiting for?

6/3/20 6:22 AM
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Shoot all looters. 

6/3/20 7:08 AM
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I can’t breathe doe..... ya right if these fuckers cared they wouldn’t be killing black cops.

6/3/20 7:16 AM
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wow complaining about people who are just practicing their right to protest...... what a racist

6/3/20 7:18 AM
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DollawayGotFistedByAPillow -

The great news though is racism will cease to exist after this is all done. The truly racist are now seeing their ill ways.

This will definitely only cause more seperation unforutantely, it is verrrrry obvious to see. Fighting eachother and blaming cops while politicians play puppetmaster.

6/3/20 7:37 AM
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Gonna send this shit to the arab chick in Chicago who tried to lecture me on institutional racism yesterday. 

6/3/20 9:27 AM
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Why can't people protest peacefully? What have we become

6/3/20 9:38 AM
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I mean, obviously they're racists. It's only awful racists getting looted.

6/3/20 12:44 PM
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crazydave - 

Shoot all looters. 

6/3/20 1:21 PM
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Sad situation. Hopefully they have insurance that will take care of this. The rioting and looting is being done by all races, but it’s destroying any progress made on race relations over the past few decades. I’m not sure that isn’t by design. Obama divided us, Trump divided us even more, covid divided us, and now the riots and looting. Anyone that doesn’t think we’re headed in a dangerous direction is delusional. 

6/3/20 5:12 PM
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Remember the stores name!

6/3/20 6:18 PM
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what insurance covers riot destruction and looting?

I need to sign up quick.

Edited: 6/3/20 6:23 PM
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I wonder if everything was covered with 10th Planet fitness that was completly demolished?

Business property damage to windows, doors, light fixtures, store windows and plate glass on office fronts is usually covered. But what about all internals?
6/3/20 7:10 PM
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Fuck BLM

6/3/20 9:54 PM
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