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10/17/20 11:45 PM
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Flyers179 -

Had to turn the fight off.

Ortega has been acting like such a cunt publicly that I was really hoping Jung would starch him. Doesn’t seem it will work out that way :/


10/18/20 12:16 AM
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MasterofMartialArts -
cyberc92 -

TKZ did nothing at all. I love TKZ but that was pathetic. Ortega had a high guard but he didn't attack the body with any punches. Ortega would stay heavy on the lead leg but TKZ didn't chop down his leg. 

TKZ got countered off every single one of his attacks. Ortega took all of his weapons away. 

That's cause TKZ would only throw 1-2 shots at Ortega's high guard. He didn't really mix up the attack outside of a single body kick occasionally.

No disrespect to TKZ because I’m a huge fan, but he’s never shown a great striking IQ. He’s also never been known as guy that puts together 5 to 6 punch combinations. He’s a power puncher and to a fault, he’s a headhunter. Ortega had him confused in this fight and instead of doing something simple like answering Ortega’s jab (with a leg kick or cross) or throwing a rear uppercut when Ortega reached for his leg, he was looking for the perfect shot. When you do that, you lose opportunities and eat shots in the process. 

Even something as simple as jab would have been very effective for TKZ but not only does he throw very few, his corner didn’t seem to be giving him strategic and technical advice. What you’re describing has never been a part of TKZ’s s t y le, Ortega just made that abundantly clear tonight. 

I agree. 


On another note, how do you prepare for a brand new opponent?  The gameplan TKZ made probably was based off the older Ortega.  But this Ortega was way improved and had a different gameplan.

Yes sir and furthermore, I heard one of the commentators talking about Zombie’s coach saying he benefitted from the quarantine because of the extra time he had to watch tape.

Which brings to light something very interesting: the healthy balance between watching no tape and watching so much tape you’re too worried about what you’re opponent is gonna do. In this case it definitely hurt TKZ, as Ortega probably did almost nothing he expected him to. Mentally, he was unable to overcome that. 

10/18/20 12:18 AM
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ZeRoTZ Pointy Elbows -

Is everyone still mad that ortega slapped another man ??

I’m not mad but I definitely lost some respect for Ortega that day, although that generally doesn’t stop me from being a fan of guys. Over time I’ll forget about it completely as long as history doesn’t repeat itself.