UnderGround Forums Bringing a baby to a cage fight?

6/11/19 1:34 PM
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Does it get any more white trash than that?

It was embarrassing and I think any sensible parent would understand it's not the right place for a baby to be. Didn't do anything to improve the image of MMA as being a low-brow white trash sport either. :-(

6/11/19 1:42 PM
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more white trash would be smoking cig while pregnant at an mma fight and picking fights in the crowd over beer

6/11/19 1:42 PM
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Take a pill dude.....it’s not that serious.
6/11/19 1:43 PM
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Moreso the holding of the child right infront of your deformed eye !


Not the first and probably not the last....



6/11/19 3:07 PM
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Imagine bringing a baby to a knife fight!

6/11/19 3:15 PM
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I don't think babies should be allowed to cage fight.  Their bones are still too brittle.

6/11/19 4:23 PM
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It’s a baby. Not going to remember it.

6/11/19 5:11 PM
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As long as the baby has ear protection, it's not going to traumatize them. Mark Coleman's kids were at the wrong age to see Daddy get his ass kicked, IMO, but they're his daughter's.

Just to soapbox for a minute, if you have little kids you shoud always be able to provide hearing protection in loud environments. Those little disposable foam plugs in your pocket can come in really handy. Ever wonder why kids fall asleep at loud events sometimes? Kids shut down when they're overstimulated by audio overload. And sustained high volume(+30 min.) can do damage to hearing. Take care of kids ears. Thanks, end of rant.

6/11/19 5:21 PM
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mma crowds are rowdy and kinetic as fuck. if you take a fucking baby to an mma fight (crossing the streams. badly crossing the streams) be bloody careful

6/11/19 6:02 PM
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Soup and Beer - 

I don't think babies should be allowed to cage fight.  Their bones are still too brittle.

I laughed, thank u good sir
6/11/19 6:28 PM
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couldn't find a sitter.....chilllllllll

6/11/19 7:41 PM
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Soup and Beer -

I don't think babies should be allowed to cage fight.  Their bones are still too brittle.

They heal much more rapidly though....

6/11/19 8:18 PM
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Relax op. Baby won't remember a thing. 

6/12/19 12:08 AM
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it happens in soccer too, its a trend

Edited: 6/12/19 11:46 AM
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It makes him look kind of trashy but really I dont care that he brought his baby to a sporting event. 

However the fact that he named him "Danger" and "would have a serious problem" if he turned out gay is a little more concerning though.

Hillbilly gonna hillbilly

6/12/19 11:58 AM
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Captain Canuck -

Imagine bringing a baby to a knife fight!

Not very sharp dude, I would consider better weapons.

6/12/19 2:04 PM
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Why does race have to brought into every issue nowadays? I'm sure white people are the only people that ever do that.