UnderGround Forums Cat zingano released by UFC?

8/14/19 2:20 PM
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Did not see this one coming

8/14/19 2:25 PM
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Shame, she was one of the fun ones.

8/14/19 2:25 PM
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Crazy.  Makes me wonder if there is more to this story

8/14/19 2:29 PM
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8/14/19 2:35 PM
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Wow that's a shame. One of the few female fighters I actually got excited to watch fight. 

8/14/19 2:59 PM
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8/14/19 3:00 PM
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Boooo.  Ill be a Cat fan forever. 

Maybe they are worried about her getting concussed again. 

8/14/19 3:05 PM
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Two persons with knowledge of the situation told MMA Junkie of the release. The persons asked to remain anonymous since the UFC has yet to make an official announcement, and typically does not make official statements about fighters who are cut.

8/14/19 3:09 PM
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Fan of hers but she just didnt have the mentality it takes after her husband died. She had the tools but terrible fight IQ.

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8/14/19 3:13 PM
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 And also looking at the pics posted above, if any of you haven't actually watched the video of Cat stretching in that two piece Affliction outfit do yourself a favor and watch it.  You'll need some alone time afterwards..

8/14/19 3:14 PM
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Here it is:


8/14/19 3:18 PM
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That is a real bummer. She is one of my favorites to watch and god lord is she hot. There is just something about her. 

8/14/19 3:19 PM
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Cat is hot as hell, and one of the few female fighters I enjoyed watching.   The Anderson "loss" was a tough break for her.


She also beat the fuck out of Nunes' face.

8/14/19 4:27 PM
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Wtf is going on here??

8/14/19 4:30 PM
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8/14/19 5:01 PM
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I know she's lost a few, but she's worth keeping. She's always exciting. And she is fun to look at.

8/14/19 5:09 PM
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Card -

Joe should have asked her how she was feeling right now.

8/14/19 5:15 PM
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This happens and I imagine that the reason would be that she was turning down fights while angling for the Nunes rematch which the UFC felt she hadn't earned based on her recent performances.

8/14/19 5:50 PM
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Man that sucks. One of the handful of women in the ufc I'd always tune in to watch fight.

8/14/19 6:13 PM
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 The way she looked and moved vs Anderson was pretty odd.  Then her reaction to the toe to her eye even after she had been examined was weird. She is pretty fragile mentally. I'd bet we see her show up in Bellator at some point.

8/14/19 6:18 PM
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I liked her super spaced out boobs

8/14/19 6:20 PM
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She is 37, she might have wanted too much money and they saw no upside given age. Who knows.

8/14/19 6:29 PM
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Shitthead -

Crazy.  Makes me wonder if there is more to this story


8/14/19 6:37 PM
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Damn one of my favourite women fighters Cat had some name value and her destruction of Nunes with that Roar at the end was awesome.

Hopefully it works out for Cat and she gets booked soon.