UnderGround Forums Covington sounds off on Usman 'Woodley 2.0'

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Colby's hilarious but 400 days since his last fight?

Maybe Askren vs. Covington at Madison Square Garden in November? 

6/24/19 2:44 PM
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Colbs starting to realize he overplayed his hand and might get passed up again. Here's to hoping Ben Askren shines vs Masvidal and leaps over Colby.

In this game you have to ride whatever momentum you have. Colby had it then opted not to fight Woodley so they gave Woodley the Till fight. Then he opted not to fight Usman. Usman kept fighting and kept rolling and took the opportunity from Colby. I can see the same thing happening. Truth is Colby has zero leverage now and he is not a draw at all. People just dont care or even remember who Colby fought last
6/24/19 11:42 PM
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He’s fighting lawyer in New Jersey 

6/25/19 12:21 AM
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I wonder what the actual story is behind this. Colby has done nothing but defame others for “turning down” fights, but he turns down one for nasal surgery and the other one for ?????? Seems like he’s the problem. 

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He's fighting lawyer in New Jersey 

Bet on Colby for easy money 

Betting against Lawler is always very risky, he has the most dramatic KO power in MMA history

This is a good example of how tough it is to control Robbie or take him down.

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Usman must be asking for Askren behind the scenes. Plus it is a bigger money fight for the UFC.