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Welterweight Colby Covington continued commenting controversially about Kamaru Usman and Tyron Woodley following his win at Saturday's UFC on ESPN+ 36. The remarks would likely not be tolerated in the NFL, MLB, NBA etc. However, at the post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White said emphatically that fighters in the UFC are free to speak their mind, including criticism of management.

“One of the things that we’ve never done here at the UFC is stop people from expressing how they feel about certain things inside or outside the Octagon,” said White. “Even if it’s me, if it’s about me. Who’s more about free speech than we are? We literally let our people do or say whatever it is they do. It’s normal.

“I would have to say to this day the darkest one ever was Khabib and Conor. When I left that press conference, I didn’t feel great after I left that press conference. Everything that happened this week, I f***ing saw it coming 100 miles away.”

Covington and Woodley were contractually obligated to take part in a pre-fight press conference together. It was eventually scrapped, ostensibly to promote the undercard, but White says he knows how it would have gone.

“I could f***ing write the entire script for you right now what would have happened at that press conference,” said White. “You guys know it, too. Plus, you heard everything already. You heard all the talk. These guys wanted to fight, they hate each other, the whole deal.

“The Conor-Khabib thing, you didn’t see that coming. I didn’t see that coming. It was just very weird and very dark. That’s one of the weirdest ones ever. But again my point in saying that is we’ve never stopped anybody from expressing themselves and saying how they feel.”

“My philosophy is always this is a fight. People are going to say mean s*** to each other. It’s like ‘they shouldn’t be allowed to say that’ — they’re going to f***ing punch each other in the face tomorrow. What could they possibly say? This is the fight game. I just don’t believe in all that.”

h/t Damon Martin for MMA Fighting

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You either have free speech or you don’t. 

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Kirik continues his crusade implying anyone right of centre is racist. Chael last year, Trump voters six months ago, Dana last week, Colby now. Yawn.




intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself.

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Can he censor pedo Elias Cepada?

9/23/20 6:13 PM
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Remember when Miguel Torres made a joke?

9/23/20 6:15 PM
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Dana censors all the time. People who want to discuss labor issues get censored.

9/23/20 6:17 PM
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The Diet Butcher -

Remember when Miguel Torres made a joke?

Here for this. A rape joke on Twitter definitely cost MT his job with UFC

9/23/20 6:47 PM
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"The remarks would likely not be tolerated in the NFL, MLB, NBA etc..."

However, BLM, Black National Anthem, Kneeling to The United States National Anthem, and other rhetoric is more than just acceptable, it is endorsed.

What is the Black National Anthem? Lift Every Voice and Sing. Read the lyrics and do not misconstrue them. They read of Liberty and the long fought road both behind as well as a path forward, not of Liberia.

Liberty, you keep using that word... I do not think it means what you think it means.

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That soy boy Luke Thomas was literally in tears when Colby won.  First thing he brings up on Morning Kombat Show is “should UFC regulate free speech?” Lol what a pussy.  Luke was loving the Conor and Khabib talk, but now Colby says something that promotes Trump and he freaks out.  

9/23/20 7:40 PM
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dana got in trouble for saying "fag" once

9/23/20 7:45 PM
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ranier wolfcastle - 

dana got in trouble for saying "fag" once

He also called Loretta Hunt a cunt.

9/23/20 7:45 PM
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ranier wolfcastle -

dana got in trouble for saying "fag" once

How do you define "in trouble"? what was his punishment?

9/23/20 7:48 PM
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crowbar -
ranier wolfcastle - 

dana got in trouble for saying "fag" once

He also called Loretta Hunt a cunt.


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Both were over the top, that’s the way the fight was sold.
9/23/20 8:02 PM
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Call a terrorist rat a terrorist rat and people lose their minds.


I wonder how Noah is doing.

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I am a right leaning Trump supporter. I truly appreciate Dana supporting Trump. Now that’s out of the way... this statement by Dana is is simply untrue and I can provide an example. Kajin Johnson or whatever that TUF fighter from Australia’s name is threw the dude under a bus from the same season for an OLD post on social media that was racist. Now I don’t support racism in any way but I remember thinking the post in question was more of a young man not thinking through his actions when creating that post. I don’t remember the dudes name but he was instantly cut by the UFC. That’s fine, it’s their prerogative but don’t lie about it later and say “we never.”

9/23/20 8:40 PM
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Well that’s good news for you Kirik.  Your butt buddy Elias will have plenty of liberal verbal diarrhea to put into writing as long as Colby is on the UFC roster.

9/23/20 9:24 PM
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Yeah, I'm all for free speech.  That said, I'm not gonna put a racist's blog post on my door step in the name of free speech.  Kirik, you need to get your house in order.

9/23/20 10:06 PM
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The Diet Butcher -

Remember when Miguel Torres made a joke?

Saw the article, came here to post this^^.  Glad I am not the only one that remembers that.

9/23/20 10:12 PM
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The UFC is in love with the race-baiting, can't blame them; it's selling.

Dana, take a bow. You are now a contributor.

Biden 2020!!!


9/23/20 10:26 PM
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Brockback Mountain -

Can he censor pedo Elias Cepada?

Full on cancel would be great. 

He writes like a petulant 5th grader. 

9/23/20 10:45 PM
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I genuinely believe that Kirik agrees with Elias Cepeda.
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Dana White continuing to be the hypocrite that he has shown to be over the years. They constantly censor fighters when it comes to the interests of the UFC. They also constantly create unofficial consequences for those who are outpsoken against the UFC, fighter pay, etc. So make up your mind Dana, do you censor fighters or not censor fighters. Can't have it both ways.

I also find it so laughable that White is an avid Trump supporter and so is CC and his horrible comments fail in line with Trump's divisive way of running the country. Also, bringing up the Conner/Khabib stuff as being worse than what CC said is an insult to everyone's intelligence who heard or read his comments. CC is garbage who uses stuff like this to get people talking about him since nobody gave a shit about him before he started playing this character. I don't think there should be consequences, but to not at least come out and say that the UFC doesn't share his feelings is a pretty obvious indicator of bullshit.

Lastly, when is the far right going to put their collective brains together and figure out what the meaning of free speech is. Free speech means you can say whatever you want. It doesn't mean you can say whatever you want without the potential for consequences. It's the same flawed logic that lends to people bitching and crying that their rights are being taken away when they have to wear a mask into the store. Sadly these people are too stupid to realize that yes they have the right to do that, but businesses also have the right to refuse patronage for any reason they feel is necessary.

9/23/20 11:36 PM
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Tyler Manarowa 

9/24/20 7:56 AM
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Tyler Manarowa 

This. Young lion coming up had his career thrown in the toilet cause that piece of shit kajan Johnson acted like a 2014 Jussie Smollett. 

Dana is just moving with the times, with the news cycle, with the popular vote at the time. Exactly what any smart business man would do