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UFC president Dana White wants Conor McGregor to rematch Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Eagle's camp has expressed disinterest, but White is full steam ahead.

"The reality is, Khabib has never turned down a fight – ever," said White post fight. "Khabib doesn't turn down fights. That's just not his style. He hates Conor McGregor. Conor McGregor hates him. Anytime you talk about one to the other, those are the type of responses you're going to get."

"Everybody talks about how rich Conor is. Khabib is rich. Khabib has that type of money. Khabib has that type of money. When I say that type of money, I mean over $50 million."

h/t MMA Junkie

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Ever since...

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Doesnt habib family own or were given control of their province or state or what ever they call it over there?

Reason no one is ever smiling is because they are taking a bit off the top from the people. If they smiled then someone would know they were up to something........

1/20/20 11:18 AM
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No chance in hell Khabib is worth that much from the Conor fight. 

1/20/20 11:23 AM
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I think this is all PR talk to be honest. It projects a much higher value of the company when big money business is being talked about.

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Why would Dana make the mistake of calling Khabib making over 50 million dollars? Good luck setting up the Mcgregor rematch to finally happen. Dude made just 7 million last time from what I read. Now they want over 100 million. Dana is messing up big time. 

1/20/20 11:53 AM
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Khabib has been showered with gifts n money from shady people over there....  

1/20/20 11:58 AM
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Lol.. No he isn't. Conor made twice that amount from one fight. Khabib has money from that fight. But that's the only reason he has money. Because he fought Conor.

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Well that's a damn shame.

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He got 2 million fighting Conor.  48 million in religious tour?  

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Legit question. Is the GDP of Dagestan even 100 million a yr?

1/21/20 10:25 AM
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Forbes has him estimated at 11 million net worth (conor is like 120 million).  

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mdrndaysamurai -

Forbes has him estimated at 11 million net worth (conor is like 120 million).  

Damn.  Not even close 

1/21/20 7:53 PM
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Conor doesn't hate Khabib at all. He did some crazy shit but after the fight he looked ready to be humble - before the eagle soared out of the ring that is.


Dana is getting confused before being a bitch in public and genuine hatred. 

1/22/20 3:44 AM
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Lol at people thinking Forbes are accurate. Khabib absolutely has over 50 million in the bank. Do you guys realise the amount of money he will make outside of the UFC. 

1/22/20 4:10 AM
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I am reading the comments in response the the OP and at first I felt like I was in the twilight zone; but then I realized people just don't take the time to read things through and think about it. 

Dana never suggested that Khabib made that kind of money in a fight, nor did he suggest the net worth estimate was as a direct result of his accumulative mma fights. All he said was that Khabib is rich.


if you know anything about his family or the people that he is linked to, you'd realize that 50mil isn't much at all. Even if you didn't have knowledge of Khabibs life outside of the octagon, it's weird to just assume that Dana meant Khabib made 50 mil in his recent fights......because he never said that!

1/22/20 5:14 AM
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Boring. We already saw this fight