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On Tuesday, June 18th the Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series returned for a third season in its new home, the UFC Apex Arena at the promotion's Performance Institute. The event featured eight athletes fighting in front of the UFC President for a chance to win a UFC contract and aired exclusively on ESPN+.

Main Card (Live on ESPN+, 8:00 PM EST)

-Puna Soriano defeated Jamie Pickett by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)
-Hannah Goldy defeated Kali Robbins by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)
-Brendan Loughnane defeated William Algeo by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
-Yorgan Decastro defeated Sanford Meeks by TKO (Leg Kick, Round 1, 4:45)
6/18/19 5:48 PM
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Cant fucking wait

6/18/19 6:57 PM
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6/18/19 6:57 PM
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Kind of like the college football playoffs for UFC/MMA.
6/18/19 7:22 PM
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Been waiting for this

6/18/19 8:01 PM
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This isn't on fight pass anymore?   Just ESPN +?

6/18/19 8:04 PM
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Anybody else having trouble playing this on espn+?


6/18/19 8:08 PM
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0hi0direct -

This isn't on fight pass anymore?   Just ESPN +?


That was the final straw that made me cancel fightpass. Instead of adding value they just kept taking it away unless you were really dying to have access to Invicta or AFC 135 or whatever the fuck it was. 

6/18/19 8:11 PM
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PS- To those not in the know (those of you that did not bother checking other websites (or perhaps it is on the front page of this one (who reads that shit?))) Shahbazyan vs Weaver is off due to Shahbazyan being declared unable to continue his weight cut. Thems the breaks.

6/18/19 8:20 PM
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6/18/19 8:36 PM
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Algeo imo.. USA!

6/18/19 8:51 PM
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All Loughnane so far.. thought it would be 1-1 after round 2 till Loughlane got the takedowns. Algeo coming on late though.. oh shit now Loughnane coming on

6/18/19 8:51 PM
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Loughlane taking over in the 3rd

6/18/19 8:53 PM
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I imagine Decastro is getting a contract. Only four fights and they always need new heavyweights.

6/18/19 8:53 PM
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Good fight.. 3-0 Loughlane

6/18/19 9:12 PM
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1-0 Goldy. Good fight so far..

6/18/19 9:17 PM
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Goldy is cute...

6/18/19 9:19 PM
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2-0 Goldy...

6/18/19 9:28 PM
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Goldy is roided to the tits. Look at those traps and the vascularity. Probably has a clit that looks like a middle finger.

6/18/19 9:29 PM
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She may need to be investigated to determine if she is in mid-transition and trying to sweep it under the rug.

6/18/19 9:32 PM
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Good chick fight.. good win for Goldy. She fought well! Robbins has a great haymaker right, but like the commentators kept mentioning, she needs to learn how to cut off the cage to land it. Goldy was circling away from it quite easily..

6/18/19 9:43 PM
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Soriano throws with EVERYTHING behind his punches!! Jesus.. but that’s a PERFECT way to get counter KO’d! Pickett survived the most dangerous round, and I had him winning it till the last minute flurry by Soriano. Soriano is too wild to beat a technical fighter. He does have HEAVY shots though, and he throws with everything behind his shots.. 1-0 Soriano

6/18/19 9:44 PM
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Soriano starting to gas..

6/18/19 9:45 PM
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That jab from Pickett is beautiful! 

6/18/19 9:45 PM
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2nd wind from Soriano here midway.. he landed a few haymakers