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3/13/12 12:20 PM
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Blue name please:


3/13/12 12:37 PM
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Great fighter, but absolutely not the GOAT or even close to it. The only time he ever achieved #1 status in a division it was in a weak MW division that he got to the top of after some seriously controversial divisions.

The GOATs are Anderson, GSP, and Fedor. That is all.

3/13/12 12:39 PM
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Hendo is awesome.

Not too interest in debating whether he's #1 or not but he's certainly one of the greatest fighters of all time given his longevity, achievements, and weight class transcendence.

Thanks for some great moments Dan.

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Ah, here we go again.

He's one of them, he's not "thee..."

His resume is outstanding and one of the best however, as we all know there are 2 knocks against him regarding being "thee" GOAT:

1) The long (long) list of questionable decisions that have gone his way (the Pride WW championship being of them)

2) He has never dominated a division as the Man. Its one thing to win a belt as Matt Hughes said, its another to defend it. Dan lost both of his bouts at MW and LHW immediately after gaining the Pride titles (so he won the Pride WW (MW) title in controversial fashion and got absolutely drubbed in his unification bout with Andy of course

So, he has a long, distinguished list of wins and at higher weights but he has a long list of losses, controversial wins and never dominated a division.

3/13/12 12:49 PM
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All things considered he's my GOAT. Fucking brawler who has transitioned from wrestler to striker potentially more successfully than anyone else. Any one off disappointing loss was followed up by some epic KO's or beastly fights. And one of the truest, honest, good all-around-guys. Phone Post

3/13/12 12:54 PM
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jasonhightower - All things considered he's my GOAT.

Respect that.

Everyone has their own GOAT and no one can tell you any diff.

IMO, Dan's greatness is similar to Saku's greatness in some ways.
3/13/12 12:58 PM
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Also, i think BJ is underated in the P4P and GOAT mentions.

He is the best LW to date (though there is the argument we reently had about Gomi being more "accomplished" at LW) and is the only other fighter in history to go up a weight a dethrone a reigning champ that was also the undisputed champ at that weight.

Dan of course, KTFO Wand for the Pride MW (LHW) belt but Wand had already lost to Arona, barely managed to scrape by Arona in the rematch and got cold KTFO to CC before facing Dan in the rematch.

Hughes was on a run and looking invincible as the WW champ at the time.

3/13/12 1:06 PM
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And not to knock Dan's win over Fedor, he won and won by stoppage (though imo it was a bit early but i accept it). But lets compare that to the circumstances of Saku facing Igor Vovchanchin:

- the weight discrepancy between Dan and Fedor was iirc 223 and 106 (17lbs)? The weight between Saku and Igor was about 225 - 175 (50lbs)

- Fedor was not the HW king any longer by the time Dan faced Fedor, Igor was the reigning #1 HW at the time Sak faced him

- Sak had gone thru a 90 minute bout with Royce and also changed the game forever in that bout THEN faced Igor

- IMO, Sak should have lost the initial decision to Igor, it was a draw to then go into extra round, but it was still a close and competitive match

Again this is not a knock on Dan but like BJ/Hughes I, the UG's memory is a bit too short on these discussions imo.

3/13/12 1:07 PM
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Also, is it really legit or fair to include Nog on Hendo's win list?

3/13/12 1:20 PM
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Wasa-B - Also, is it really legit or fair to include Nog on Hendo's win list?

Its an IQ test. Anyone who mentions his "win" over Nog is going by fight finder and not actually seen the fight

3/13/12 1:24 PM
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Didnt beat anderson silva though. Phone Post

3/13/12 1:29 PM
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hall of famer. props.

3/13/12 1:34 PM
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a true Hall of famer

3/13/12 1:39 PM
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It don't matter if he ever wins ufc gold he put fedor to sleep and a bunch of people on here call him a GOAT so where does that put Hendo???

3/13/12 2:27 PM
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Hendo is a GOAT no matter what anybody says

3/13/12 2:33 PM
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 One of my all-time faves, a true pioneer of MMA.  Hendo can do no wrong in my book.

And in some paralle universe, we are happily married. *LOL* I was going to say don't tell my husband, but who am I kidding, he's a bigger Hendo fan than I am!

3/13/12 2:37 PM
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ShogunsChin - TRT

Shogun fight should have been a Draw

Shields beat him

Definately a Legend

Goat, no way.

This...nothing more to add.
3/13/12 5:16 PM
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Hendo disagrees that he is not GOAT !

3/14/12 1:14 PM
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that is a sick pic, its like angel hendo is in full flight about to come back down to earth to strike vengeance upon thee.

3/14/12 2:18 PM
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the jury is still out, since the TRT division is fairly new.

handy, thaigi silva, and marquart might have sumthin to say about it. and phael is making quite a name for himself in the TRT circles. i'd have to give sylvester stallone the nod since he only lost to apollo creed BEFORE he joined the TRT club. after the first hambo movie he's been tearing it up!

3/14/12 2:33 PM
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judom - <img src="http://topmmanews.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/dan-henderson.jpg" alt="" /> 

Seriously, Hendo has won TWO belts in PRIDE, was a Strikeforce champion and has wins over who-is-who in MMA: Fedor, Shogun, Silva, Nog, Vitor, Renzo...

Fights anyone anytime any weight. Hendo is a true fighter, unlike many of the fighters today cutting 30lbs trying to squeeze into a weight class.

Hats off to Hendo !
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3/14/12 2:46 PM
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 " With all these champions like GSP and Silva scurred to go up a weight class and get smashed."

Those guys -- champions -- make far more money than Dan does, and their legacies are being possibly the greatest champs MMA has ever seen...Dan's legacy is being the guy who will fight anyone.

Why is it something to criticize that all three of those guys do what makes sense for them, their careers, and their legacies?

3/14/12 2:52 PM
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Einsteinz -
ThinkMMA - 
Einsteinz -
judom - In a recent interview Hendo says:...just give me a heavyweight...

damnnn...the balls on that dude !

Do we have a fighter like Hendo these days ? He is a true fighter.

With all these champions like GSP and Silva scurred to go up a weight class and get smashed. Or Alves cutting 30 lbs to get down a weight class. WTF.

Hendo just fights and crushes fools down. Old school ! 

anderson isnt scared he doesnt want to interfere with machida and nog

gsp will probably move up soon too

anderson also smashed henderson pretty easily

Is that why Hendo won the first round? Stop throwing "easy" around when you don't know what an easy fight is. <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

hendo got a takedown and layed on him for the last 2 mins...

hendo had NOTHING for anderson

anderson ate his punches like hendo was a little kid

Once again, you're exaggerating a bit. Phone Post
3/14/12 3:30 PM
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Hendo definitely has a legit claim to GOAT and the claim gets stronger with every win because he only fights the best of the best. That said, IMHO he needs to 1) win UFC gold 2) beat Anderson Silva. If he does both those he is without question the GOAT. Phone Post