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7/12/18 1:37 AM
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It seems that Israel Adesanya took personal some of Schaub's comments that were intended to Gokhan Saki and made a IG video about it. Then Dana jumped in a comment calling him a tool and an idiot in which Schaub replied as seen above in the pic. Bellow is the full post.


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Classy sirs gonna be classy

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Instagram is such an unbelievably shit platform. Why on earth can one not view or find someone's posts on instagram? Apparently the only way to see Dana's comment is to scroll through all the comments for like an hour until you randomly find it?!?! I will update this post as time goes on:

Initial post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BlHFEHlAJI7/?hl=en&taken-by=stylebender

Brendan threatens to "release the hounds": https://twitter.com/BrendanSchaub/status/1017241093467848704

Dana's followup comment (classic egg, someone please embed this): https://imgur.com/a/HTmaVyQ

Brendan's followup to the followup: https://twitter.com/BrendanSchaub/status/1017493904059400192

Jimmy Smith weighs in, confirming who the female is regarding "eskimo bros" comment: https://twitter.com/jimmysmithmma/status/1017520653354713088

This is more entertaining than 99% of the UFC fights this year! I have it 10-9 9-10 10-8 8-10, so I have it tied!

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Just apologize now and get it over with. No more pillow talkin..

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Dang Dana really can’t stand Schaub. 

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thegreatone287 - 

How many of the people on this forum actually disagree with Dana's comment?
7/12/18 4:37 AM
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Siciliano di Brooklyn - 
thegreatone287 - 

How many of the people on this forum actually disagree with Dana's comment?

Maybe. Schaub's with CAA now and has ventured into other spaces like doing that E red carpet stuff, comedy, TFATK with Callen and he got his own show with Showtime.

He's 35 years old and there's no sign that Rogan plans to stop showcasing Schaub.
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Siciliano di Brooklyn -
thegreatone287 - 

How many of the people on this forum actually disagree with Dana's comment?

Never listened to a podcast with Shaub, be it as a guest or host. He has nice hair I think. Neither guys are being classy regardless of who started the trash talking. Everyone will be forgotten and whoever feels remorse before the other guy can get the win. It`s not that important to begin with.

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Dana slating Schaub’s ufc record is really ridiculous to me considering Dana has never had a single fight. The fact Dana doesn’t realise how stupid that makes him look shows how out of touch with reality he is

He’s made himself look a bit of cunt there tbh

7/12/18 5:39 AM
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Schaub was talking shit about promoters and named Dana recently on TFATK when discussing the Joshua/Wilder situation. 

“Never fought”


Were things he said. 

7/12/18 5:49 AM
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The Stylebender will find out who the real DFW is as soon as he goes on his first 3 fight losing streak. 

7/12/18 6:01 AM
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Will Israel be going on TFATK or Below the Belt next?
7/12/18 6:01 AM
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Is this the longest Dana and Schaub have gone without mentioning Conor? I think this is a good thing...

7/12/18 6:09 AM
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Siciliano di Brooklyn -
thegreatone287 - 

How many of the people on this forum actually disagree with Dana's comment?

This. Dana is 100% correct

7/12/18 6:10 AM
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Dana makes strong points :D
7/12/18 6:14 AM
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Were they ever friends?

UFC Fighter Brendan Schaub, UFC Fighter Chuck Liddell, UFC Fighter Matt Serra and UFC President Dana White attend the premiere of ''UFC Undisputed 2010'' at M2 Ultra Lounge on March 25, 2010 in New York City.





UFC heavyweight contender Brendan Schaub, who scored back-to-back wins following a recent two-fight skid, has re-upped with the UFC with a new six-fight deal.

Schaub recently announced the deal via Twitter, which included a picture of UFC President Dana White. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Schaub (10-3 MMA, 6-3 UFC), an honorable mention in the USA TODAY Sports/MMAjunkie.com MMA heavyweight rankings, most recently scored a first-round submission victory over Matt Mitrione at UFC 165. It marked his eighth stoppage in 10 career wins and gave him a 67 percent UFC win rate.

Schaub, a former pro football player, first entered the UFC after a runner-up finish on “The Ultimate Fighter 10,” the highest rated season of the UFC’s long-running reality series. Following a loss to Roy Nelson in the show’s tournament final, the 30-year-old won his next four UFC fights, which included knockouts of Chase Gormley, Chris Tuchscherer and Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic.




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Should WWE back up the Brinks to make a Brawl for All match between the two?


"Go for a takedown! takedown!!"

7/12/18 6:28 AM
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Siciliano di Brooklyn -
thegreatone287 - 

How many of the people on this forum actually disagree with Dana's comment?

Was Schaub wrong about what he said about Saki though? 

7/12/18 6:28 AM
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Why did Israel get offended when Brendan wasnt even talking about him??