UnderGround Forums Did Andrada Tap? (Video)

5/17/19 2:31 AM
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My primary thoughts are 1. There was nothing to tap to 2. I don’t know who “Andrada” is.

you don’t know who Andrada is?


About the Andrada

Andrada has served as a writer and editor covering mixed martial arts and combat sports, as well as public and cultural affairs, since 2005. She began as a staff writer for InsideFighting, and not long thereafter became publisher and editor of the page. Andrada then went to write for Yahoo! Sports’ boxing and MMA pages, and edited their Cagewriter blog. She was hired away by FOX Sports, but after several years departed over philosophical differences with the executive leadership around important issues of journalism ethics. A student of and sometime competitor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA since 1999, Andrada brings a unique and vibrant presence to reporting, and enjoys trying to highlight shared humanity and connect common experiences from seemingly different worlds.

Good info.

5/17/19 2:11 PM
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When you have as many picos pulsing through your body as andrade does,  you're gonna have some weird twitching going on

5/17/19 2:22 PM
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Elias Cepeda - 

My primary thoughts are 1. There was nothing to tap to 2. I don’t know who “Andrada” is.

There was nothing to tap to while she had her in the air.  The risk of a submission comes after they hit the ground and she still has the kimura.   Unless she planned on just holding her up in that position the whole round.

5/20/19 6:02 PM
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Somehow I just heard about this today... I can't think of a reason she would tap in that position, but it is a strange movement to make.

5/20/19 6:14 PM
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Sean McCorkle - Reminds me of another fight where I said the same thing afterwards.

Blue namer or just someone who actually has an UG app that works please help me out.


Thanks for ignoring my request a holes

Lol! Here you go:


Is this guy called "Big Sexy" like 7' dudes are often called "Tiny"?
5/21/19 12:12 AM
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Lazarus - No one stops fighting in order to tap on their opponent for no reason. That was a tap.

What was she tapping to? The threat that the kimura grip was too deadly? She wasn't even getting it cranked on at the time



Pause the video and look at Andrade's arm position.  No where near any torque or pressure.  


It's like a fighter having one arm on someone's neck but the chin is tucked, and the opponent trying to choke doesn't even have their hooks in.  There's no danger at this point in time and more needs to be done before there is danger.


As someone posted on page 1 look at this video angle of it



I think she was checking to see if Rose was still hanging onto the kimora and then knew it was good to take her down that way on her head. 

Just bumping this to make sure everybody understands this is exactly what happened

5/22/19 8:10 AM
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^^^nigga howd u go from i think this is what happened to this is exactly wat happened?