UnderGround Forums Diego Is A Winner And Winners Win.

2/15/20 10:54 PM
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Just when it looked like all was lost Diego Sanchez found a way to win. 

That’s what winners do. They win. 

Deal with it losers. 

2/15/20 10:59 PM
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Just like Jon Jones......... emmiright?

2/15/20 11:18 PM
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He won that fight by the rules

2/15/20 11:23 PM
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2/16/20 5:03 PM
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If he kept fighting that last round he would have been cut because o the loss and the way he lost.

But since his fights are always exciting he will get another fight. Smartest move a fighter ever did. That is real fight IQ. Gotta hand it to him. He made a hard life decsion in just a matter of a few seconds.

2/17/20 2:17 PM
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Still seeing a lot of people disrespecting Diego for snatching victory from the jaw of certain defeat. Bunch crybaby losers around here. 

2/17/20 4:21 PM
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2/17/20 4:24 PM
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Tim Duncan - 

He won that fight by the rules


2/17/20 4:25 PM
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I'm still trying to process all of the parlays that got busted after those two illegal knees.

I'm riding this Diego/holistic healer cornerman gimmick all the way to the end like Tito vs a microphone!