UnderGround Forums Do you care about Jones fighting?

Jones is one of MMA's GOATS but his issues and personality don't make him the most beloved champ the sport has ever seen and that is putting it mildly.

Jones has fought just 1x a year in 2014-2018 and again only once this year. He is now talking about sitting out until he is able to renegotiate with the UFC and receive what he considers is fair compensation.

I find Jones very unlikeable as a person and have been watching him compete for a long time. I'd be 100% fine never seeing him compete again as I hardly care about the 2020 LHW division. Don't need to see him lose in the cage either though I know it is common for fans to root against athletes they don't like.

Guess what I'm saying is Jones is unlikeable enough that it would be great to see him retire now and just go away. Won't miss seeing Jones headlines in MMA media at all. It would be refreshing for Jones to leave the sport.