UnderGround Forums Does this look like a Royler Black Belt to you?

1/3/09 2:39 AM
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What a bullshitter
1/3/09 2:49 AM
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Triangles - MMA Hero(s):
Jens "Lil Evil" Pulver
Matt Hughes
Sean "Muscle Shark" Sherk
Brock Lesner
Roger Huerta
Rumina "Moon Wolf" Sato
Eddie Bravo
Tito Ortiz
Georges "Rush" St. Pierre
Ryan Bader
Tim Credeur

sounds like a TUF noob.
1/3/09 2:49 AM
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reckoning MMA is his school in Ontario apparently

... I particularly like how on the website it explains that most people dont know but Judo is actually the fore father of ju jutsu

1/3/09 2:50 AM
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He actually posted his vids on Fightauthority.com LOL
1/3/09 2:56 AM
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Here he is again blue name a lil help here please. http://www.jiujitsutechnique.com/watch.php?v=n544TL-QELk&st=adcc+grappling
1/3/09 2:57 AM
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 ttt 4 later
1/3/09 2:58 AM
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On the Royler Gracie association website they actually have about 8 or so affiliates in the Ontario area...

... but this guy isnt listed on any of them. Only like 2 are actually listed as black belts... rest are like purp's
1/3/09 3:00 AM
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 Description: Trevista, Steven Raven help Matt Malice get ready for his Jan fight, with some grappling ADCC style @ Reckoning MMA in Bradford Ontario Canada

Ummmm, do they mean NO -GI???
1/3/09 3:02 AM
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Ensanity -  Description: Trevista, Steven Raven help Matt Malice get ready for his Jan fight, with some grappling ADCC style @ Reckoning MMA in Bradford Ontario Canada

Ummmm, do they mean NO -GI???

 My god.  He's just won the internet.  HE TRAINS ADCC
1/3/09 3:03 AM
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Just watching him, he looks like a white belt or a guy with no training at all who watches instructional videos. He futilely tried the twister set up and then went to an incorrect a banana splits.
1/3/09 3:08 AM
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MDF tm - hes incredible. a lightweight that moves like a superheavyweight.
1/3/09 3:14 AM
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Please people, bomb on this jack asses profile comments.. Do it for the children he is tapping!! I cant sleep since this thread started lol....
1/3/09 3:23 AM
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this guy annoys me.
1/3/09 3:25 AM
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mackdaddyflexxx (14 minutes ago)
dont listen to these assholes. u remind me of a young gsp.? keep up the good work son.

1/3/09 3:36 AM
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I just spit my redbull out!!! LMAO 6 Times!!!
1/3/09 3:41 AM
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The UG will bring the pain LOL!! Yes it feels great to beat someone down on another site LMAO
1/3/09 3:48 AM
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All this negativity on his profile is proberly not going to help him with his fight in Jan.. Anyone know who is he fighting??
1/3/09 3:51 AM
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Damm this guy is f-ing awsome!! Dana sign this guy now!!!
1/3/09 3:52 AM
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One can only think this is some kind of joke, like the guy who posted the fake instructional video a while back about how to defeat MMA and BJJ using traditional kung fu.
1/3/09 3:56 AM
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That was the most hilarious banana split I've ever seen.

We need a good old school challenge match.
1/3/09 3:56 AM
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This guy is getting the internet beating equivalent to the beating Reginald Denny took in the L.A riots..
1/3/09 3:57 AM
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I guess I don't understand. Who really gives a shit if this skinny nerd with no real training is better than his gay friends.
1/3/09 4:06 AM
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Those are not socks, those are the new rashguards for feet, i saw them before at ADCC..
Edited: 1/3/09 8:49 AM
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Hopefully someone in the area gets ahold of this guy and helps him before he goes to a tourny and gets hurt. I hope he doesn't show up at Toronto BJJ (Saulo Ribeiro) and claim to be a Royler black belt, that could get ugly.
1/3/09 10:16 AM
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is he wearing running shoes to grapple in? that's a sure sign of a pro.

wrestlingsucks, there is nothing wrong with claiming to be soemething you are not. Bernie Madoff has an investment proposal for you.