UnderGround Forums Does this look like a Royler Black Belt to you?

1/3/09 1:39 PM
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He's so good, his technique appears slow to our eyes.
1/3/09 1:40 PM
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oh man.
1/3/09 1:45 PM
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 Nov 5: The opening was a smashing success with 15 people coming out to Reckoning MMA! Reckoning MMA thanks the city of Bradford for having us and all our supporters

Nov 16: Reckoning MMA has had to suspend operations until a contract dispute can be solved
1/3/09 1:50 PM
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hes the greatest fighter i's seen's on's da internets.
1/3/09 1:56 PM
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Must be a Canadian thing.
1/3/09 1:58 PM
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anyone who would give this fraud money is an even bigger idiot.

As a Royler student I have to admit this bothers me, but you can't take every tom, dick and harry lying about martial arts seriosuly so, Oh well. He will eventually run into an RGDA guy and get beat down.
1/3/09 2:02 PM
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jkkazmier - Must be a Canadian thing.

 Yeah, because we all know every American citizen is a genius..
1/3/09 2:13 PM
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 Guys like him realllllllly bother me......
1/3/09 2:15 PM
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 Maybe he would be interested in fighting in the UG grand prix. I'm sure we would all donate to fly him down for the event.
1/3/09 2:16 PM
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Has someone posted a link to this thread on any of his profiles yet so he can see the rage he has caused?? For the children lol..
1/3/09 2:17 PM
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i'm gonna leave him a comment saying i'm getting ready to move there and want to know how much classes are just see if he's really tooling people or if he's just beating up on his WOW buddies.
1/3/09 2:18 PM
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 Next time Eddie is in Toronto, he should drop by the guy's house like Joe Rogan did with the myspace troll.....
1/3/09 2:22 PM
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1/3/09 2:22 PM
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Ok guy found his phone number to the gym!!

Sports & Recreation - Martial Arts
Description: Reckoning MMA is a mixed martial arts training facility located in Bradford Ontario Canada. With 50ft rolling mats, combat ready ring, thai clinch dummies, grappling dummies, thai strike pads, boxing heavy bags and other gear needed to be a winner in the world of MMA. The coaching staff includes a collegiate national free style wrestling champion, a black belt in graice brand brazilian ju-jitsu & Judo and a Muay thai expert and boxing coach.

Set to open up in November!!

Each days class will start with a workout to build up strength and cardio.

After the warm up the we will begin to learn the days techniques for various styles Muay thai, Free style wrestling, Gerco-Roman wrestling, ju-jitsu, Judo and boxing will all be taught to teach each fighter to be well rounded in his/her fight game.

The end of each class will be rolling/sparring to get fighters use to using the techniques they have learned on a resisting opponent

Call Us At: 905-392-6650
E-mail us at: reckoningmma@hotmail.com
1/3/09 2:26 PM
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And here is the adress to the gym, please someone who lives near this fuck face stop in for the UG!!
Reckoning Mixed Martial Arts
Reckoning Mixed Martial Arts


Welcome to Reckoning MMA our facility is located in Bradford Ontario around the Newmarket area. Reckoning MMA have several qualifyed instructers including a 6 time Wrestling champion including one National Free Style Wrestling championship, a black belt in Gracie JuJitsu, a Muay Boran Muay Thai expert and more!

All of our classes are designed to have both the beginner marital artist in mind right up to advanced techniques for the pros, learn from the most basic right up to the most advanced mixed martial arts in the country.

We are attached to the Delfs' Fitness Centre at 129 Bridge St. Phone us at 905-392-6650 or e-mail at reckoningmma@hotmail.com

Reckoning MMA offers the best in:
Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Boran Muay Thai, Free Style Wrestling, Gerco-Roman Wrestling, JuJitsu, Submission Wrestling, Judo and North American Boxing
1/3/09 2:31 PM
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 There's a Royler Gracie affiliate a few kilometers away from where he lives in Newmarket...
1/3/09 2:32 PM
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here's his personal facebook, he's got eddie bravo as a friend too
1/3/09 2:32 PM
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This is my latest comment on his page.. "Bro, now that we all found out where your gym is located be prepared to back that shit up son!! I wanna hit both your legs with an inverted? Heel Hook until u piss pain piss on the mat.".
1/3/09 2:34 PM
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1/3/09 2:35 PM
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 Satisfied Clients

"Matt and Reckoning MMA have expanded my knowledge of the martial arts from a Judo background to a full fledged fighter trained for MMA. Along side my training I found the will power to quit smoking.Reckoning MMA has helped re-shape my life."

”Matt has been training me during private lessons and I have become quit competent in self defence , in fact it is souly because of his training and guidance that I was able to subdue an attacker one night using a choke technique I had lreaned from Matt to save myself for his attack.”

Dan Patterson

Lydia Williams
1/3/09 2:37 PM
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 LOL at "full fledged fighter".


She has become "quit" confident "souly" because of his training and guidance......
1/3/09 2:40 PM
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"I was able to subdue an attacker one night using a choke technique I had lreaned from Matt to save myself for his attack."

she saved herself for his attack? is that some new religious thing?
1/3/09 2:57 PM
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I have been tring to call that number non stop. i will let u guys know when i get though!!
1/3/09 3:02 PM
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 No troll is THAT good. His FB page reads like the bio of a TUF noob....
1/3/09 3:03 PM
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