UnderGround Forums Does this look like a Royler Black Belt to you?

1/3/09 3:07 PM
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go, vic, go. strike team style!
1/3/09 3:09 PM
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 WOW!!! You mean I can get a Reckoning MMA black belt?????
1/3/09 3:18 PM
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Holly shit guys i just talked to this dumb fuck!!! I called the number to the gym that is connected to his and he is there right now!! Tel:905.775.8760 I asked him how much classes are he told me 100 dollars a month for everything!! i asked do i need a gi he says no its ADCC stylr LMAO u cant make this shit up!! Then i asked what belt he is and he confirmed he is a first degree RGBB i am not shitting u!! At this point i am tring no to scream at him untl he confirms he is a NCAA D1 champ thats when i lost it!!!!
1/3/09 3:20 PM
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It is confirmed this is not a troll this guy is a fucking scum bag!! Who from the UG knows where this place is or lives near there... I have a few frequent flyer tickets and i am seriously wanting to dojo storm this fuck tard..
1/3/09 3:21 PM
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how taste the OG's pee pee pee?

The shitty part is he is scamming people out of money with this crap.

1/3/09 3:24 PM
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I really thought this was a joke at first. Pains me to know it's real. He's giving Royler and Eddie Bravo a bad name via his blatant fraud. I feel bad for his students. Buyer beware.
1/3/09 3:24 PM
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1/3/09 3:26 PM
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If anyone on here trains with Royler i would hope u give him this gyms number. People work all thier lives to build a good rep and a fucking waste of sperm like this fuck face can ruin it..
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 lol yellow belt
this kid has probably watched never back down a hundred times
1/3/09 3:27 PM
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Tel:905.775.8760 ask about there wrestling and bjj classes and for Matt.
1/3/09 3:32 PM
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"don't fuck with the lords of hell"
1/3/09 3:32 PM
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1/3/09 3:43 PM
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TTT for the children!! lol
1/3/09 3:45 PM
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He's got some 10th planet guy who supports him in all this and calls him "sensei."

Anyone know who this guy is?

1/3/09 3:51 PM
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Just talked to Lexy, the receptionist. Here's the owner's phone number. The owner probably got scammed by this guy. She asked for someone to call him and explain.
1/3/09 3:53 PM
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Mike Russell - 
jkkazmier - Must be a Canadian thing.

 Yeah, because we all know every American citizen is a genius..

LOL, typical Canadian.
1/3/09 3:57 PM
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Oh yeah, I just noticed the Metallica song on his epic training video is "Sad But True." How ironic.
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this gold mine is an hour from my house... i wonder if i can make a training video on post it online too? haha
1/3/09 4:01 PM
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1/3/09 4:03 PM
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i just edited my first post to say i should bring a camera haha im back in town monday, hopefully I can get in on a class.
1/3/09 4:07 PM
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you must bring us more of the wildchild

or go there and film yourself smashing him.
1/3/09 4:10 PM
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Please fight him MMA so you can actually strike the crap out of him and tear him a new one.

If possible, grapple and fight MMA with him. I'll give you a dollar if you choke him out or break his arm -- A Canadian dollar.
1/3/09 4:11 PM
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 I e-mailed a Gracie rep this guy's info and asked if he was legit. I'll post any response I get.
1/3/09 4:12 PM
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xIanx it is your duty to the UG to get video of u smashing this fucking asshole who is ripping kids off for 100 bucks a month...