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6/17/19 3:02 PM
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Elias sucks more than this website. I have had to retype 3 times due to the words randomly being deleted.

Elias virtue signals and calls Chael a racist.


6/17/19 3:06 PM
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Elias Cepeda is one of those people and you are like, how does this guy have a job.

Its probably a strategy to push the SJW identity politics shit to get a job at ESPN or Bleacher Report and stay WOKE, but his articles are so poorly written is hard to imagine that.

6/17/19 3:09 PM
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6/17/19 3:14 PM
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Fuck that racebating shitard elias

6/17/19 3:23 PM
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Between this article and Kevin Iole's, Yahoo! Sports is officially the CNN of MMA media outlets

6/17/19 3:30 PM
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One of his examples of racism was "He called Jon Jones, boy"

I've seen countless #'s of people call eachother boy before fighting one another.

6/17/19 3:38 PM
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Robert Thomas - One of his examples of racism was "He called Jon Jones, boy"

I've seen countless #'s of people call eachother boy before fighting one another.

I call my son boy all the time, guess I'm racist

6/17/19 3:42 PM
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Robert Thomas - One of his examples of racism was "He called Jon Jones, boy"

I've seen countless #'s of people call eachother boy before fighting one another.

Chael's eleven years older than Jon for fuck's sake. He's well within his right to call him "kid" or "boy" or even "whipper-snapper"

6/17/19 3:50 PM
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6/17/19 4:33 PM
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Chael's shit-talking schtick got pretty lame at times but I never recall thinking any of it as being racially offensive. Tasteless? Definitely. Weak in regards to humor or compared to the pro wrestling expert's work he was trying to emulate, yep. But to take it as him being racist to the point of dedicating an article to it is a really big stretch and getting mad at something not even worth taking seriously.

Funny how I was just reading the thread about Paulie saying the MMA community is stupid, then here we go.

6/17/19 4:34 PM
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Worst writer in the history of paragraphs....fucking useless.

6/17/19 4:47 PM
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Hey Elias and Kevin.......and he is STILL UNDEFEATED MTHFCKRS!!!!

6/17/19 4:50 PM
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I put food on Elias table. This is how he repays me?

6/17/19 5:16 PM
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Why pick now to shit on the guy? Can he not have his moment? Couldn't think of ANYTHING positive to write about?  Just seems really weak imo. I'd like to hear Elias on why he felt the need to write that and diminish him during his retirement.  Couldn't wait a few weeks ffs.... 

6/17/19 5:22 PM
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Elias is a joke. Still posting his gigantic mug up like anyone wants to see it. Believes in mystical institutional racism despite it being federally illegal for fifty years. Absurd from top to bottom. A walking caricature.

6/17/19 5:23 PM
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Chael did a lot for the sport with his promotional schtick, like it or not.

Connor will always be the poor mans chael p.

Let him retire peacefully ffs. Virtue signaling at elias' age is pretty weak. 

6/17/19 5:29 PM
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I mean just watch his appearance on tuf Brazil.  By the end guys were wanting to be on his team over Wandy's

6/17/19 5:39 PM
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Chael has had the same black head coach for more than 10 years. He also mentored Uriah Hall. What a white supremicist POS.

6/17/19 5:40 PM
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Ttt for Chael. I'd love for him to reply in this thread. 

6/17/19 5:48 PM
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What a total garbage excuse for a "reporter"

6/17/19 5:48 PM
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I wish he would blister this ass clown on his next podcast but he won't ... not worth his time. 

6/17/19 5:51 PM
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nigga hasnt written anything worth reading in years

6/17/19 5:52 PM
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Why do we have to post links to his crap? Just be thankful it seems Kirik has got rid of him, he's writing is laughable, I love the way he'll often use a big word he's clearly got from a Thesaurus in entirely the wrong context 

6/17/19 6:28 PM
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Anybody remember Cepedo's bio?

6/17/19 6:33 PM
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snookerbank -

Anybody remember Cepedo's bio?

blah blah blah *unique and vibrant* blah blah blah. 


That's about all I remember.